Harlem Brewing brews handcrafted artisanal beverages, and was founded in 2000 by brew guru Celeste. Prior to launching her own brewery, she made beer in her studio apartment from a home brew kit she received as a gift. Not much to shout about, she kept on brewing, never giving up on perfecting her recipes. After being challenged with trying to open her own local brewery, she took her home grown recipes to Olde Saratoga Brewing, and worked closely with the fine brewers there. It was during this time she bottled her flagship Sugar Hill Golden Ale, one of the selections from your favorite Beer of the Month Club this month.

Today, with continued support from family and friends, Celeste remains passionate about not only beer, but growing different varieties of hops in her local gardens. Another long-standing passion is her support of many worthy charities, both local and national, who do such incredible work. Harlem believes in “paying it forward,” as Harlem Brews have been not only the beer of choice for many local charity events, but also served internationally, even at the renowned Emmy Awards!

Belgian-style Renaissance Wit is a refreshing and tasty wheat ale brewed with spices. Lightly hopped with rich coriander, cumin, grains of paradise and orange peel, it has a mellow finish.

Sugar Hill Golden Ale is a premium hand-crafted beer from the purest American ingredients. It offers an unusually rich, smooth character, well-balanced taste and uncompromised quality. (Its closely guarded recipe has been passed down through generations.)

Harlem‘s brewing story started nearly 90 years ago. Legend has it that during Prohibition, a special beer was brewed in Uptown Harlem, the brew of choice for the many great musicians and artists that flourished in Harlem at that time. The legend continues! 

Featured Beer from Harlem Brewery: Renaissance Wit & Sugar Hill Golden Ale 

BELGIAN WHEAT ALE — Harlem’s Renaissance Wit (Belgian-style Wheat Ale) — This ale is top-fermented with Belgian yeast, brewed with vibrant spices. Nothing is better than Belgian Wit Ale and generous chunks of sweet cheese. Great with fish and seafood, too!

GOLDEN ALE — Harlem’s Sugar Hill Golden Ale — In a class all its own, top fermented gold ales sometimes present lively carbonation not unlike champagne. This one has subtle citrus accents with a light finish. Serve with cheese & crackers after your team’s victory!

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