Describe yourself as an “occasional” beer drinker? You may not even realize that you’ve chosen to tap into a wealth of health benefits from that brew (one a day for women) or two (two a day for men).

IMPROVED HEART HEALTH: Moderate beer drinkers have been found to enjoy a 31% less risk for heart disease than those who abstain. Better yet, beer reduces the risk of heart attack and death from cardiovascular disease by 40%! That’s front page news for beer drinkers, and also gives pause to those who drink wine because they think drinking wine is healthier than drinking beer.

LESSENED RISK OF STROKE: All alcohol, including beer, is known to prevent strokes caused by restricted blood flow to the head and brain. Because alcohol prevents blood clots from forming, beer drinkers who have the risk factors for stroke are much less likely to experience one.

INCREASED “GOOD” CHOLESTEROL: Studies have proven that moderate beer drinking helps increase our levels of HDL cholesterol, thus preventing the clogged arteries that cause heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club can help “up your HDL”!

KEEPING CANCER AT BAY: Research is ongoing, but preliminary findings indicate that hops (used to make beer) may help to inhibit the enzymes that trigger cancer growth. And that same compound is believed to have the power to destroy carcinogens. (And did you know that microbrews are usually made with much higher hop content than the “big beers”?)

HEAVY ON THE B6: Beer drinkers have 30% more B6 vitamin in their bodies (essential for brain function, energy and disease avoidance) than non-drinkers; and twice as much as red wine drinkers!

BEER BUILDS STRONG BONES: Case studies on “more experienced” people have found higher bone density in beer drinkers than in non-drinkers. Silicon found in beer (especially in pale ales) is key to keeping bones healthier as we age.

REVERSE CELLULAR DAMAGE: Beer (especially dark beer), is loaded with antioxidants that can reverse cell damage, and even rebuild lost muscle.

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