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Flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any occasion, but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. However, there are ways to extend the lifespan of your Clubs of America monthly bouquet and keep them looking fresh for as long as possible. Read on for some simple and effective tips on how to make a bouquet of flowers last long.

Cut the Stems at an Angle

When you receive a bouquet of flowers, the first thing you should do is cut the stems at an angle. This will help the flowers absorb water more easily and prevent the ends from becoming blocked. Use a sharp knife or scissors and make the cut at a 45-degree angle.

Always cut your flower stems at a 45 degree angle to prevent the ends from being blocked.

Remove any Leaves Below the Waterline

Leaves that are submerged in water can create bacteria that can shorten the life of your flowers. Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline in your vase.

Use a Clean Vase

Before arranging your flowers, make sure your vase is clean. Wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove any bacteria or residue.

Use Lukewarm Water

Flowers absorb water better when it’s at room temperature. Fill your vase with lukewarm water, and avoid using cold water straight from the tap.

Add Flower Food

Most bouquets come with a packet of flower food, which contains nutrients that help keep flowers fresh. Be sure to follow the instructions on the packet and add the recommended amount to your vase.

Change the Water Regularly

To keep your flowers looking fresh, change the water every two to three days. This will prevent bacteria from building up and clogging the stems.

Keep your Flowers in a Cool Spot

Flowers last longer in cooler temperatures, so avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near a heat source. A cooler spot in your home will help your flowers last longer.

Mist your Flowers

Spraying your flowers with a light mist of water will help keep them hydrated and looking fresh. Use a spray bottle and lightly mist the petals and leaves.


By following these simple tips, you can help your Clubs of America bouquet of flowers last longer and stay beautiful. With a little bit of care and attention, you can enjoy your flowers for days, if not weeks, to come.

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