It is rare that you will have leftover wine from an already opened bottle. However, if you are having a party where lots of bottles of wine are opened, there is a chance that a bottle or two may still have some wine in it the next day. What is the best way to keep your wine fresh for a few days?

The Goal Is to Keep the Air Out

When air interacts with wine after it has first been poured, it allows the true flavor of the wine to come out. Unfortunately, too much air can cause the wine to turn into nothing more than an expensive cleaning chemical. When attempting to keep the air out, you have three options:

  1.  Create a vacuum seal.
  2.  Replace the air with an inert gas.
  3.  Put the wine in a new bottle and seal it quickly.

Which Option Is the Best?

Each option has its pros and cons. For example, when you create a vacuum seal, you must suck out the air and put in a stopper almost immediately. If you take too long to put the stopper in, you could allow some of the air to seep in. If you put the wine into another bottle, you never know how good of a seal the new bottle with have.

Don’t Buy Expensive Wine Preservers

You might be tempted to buy an expensive argon infusion system that claims to keep your wine fresh longer than an inexpensive product, but independent testing has confirmed the theory that a $9 gas infusion system works just as well as a $500 system. As long as you have something that can take the air out and put an inert gas in, you will be able to keep your wine fresh for up to a week.

Don’t Let the Wine Linger Forever

Remember, you only have a few days to finish that bottle of wine. If you don’t drink it within seven days, you will want to get rid of the wine immediately. The good news is that you can still keep the bottle if you are a collector of the best-tasting wines around the world.

Keeping wine fresh is a challenge for those who don’t want to drink an entire bottle as soon as it is opened. As long as you have something to get rid of excess air in the bottle, you can enjoy your wine a glass at a time without worrying about drinking a tainted beverage.

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