It began, like many microbreweries, with a homebrew kit and a love of beer. Not just a love of drinking beer, but a real respect for the craft, the history, the art, and the industry, as well as a passion for the brewing process itself.

Today, the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery has been brewing award-winning ales and lagers for more than 17 years and has expanded rapidly due to its popularity and quality. It’s easy for your favorite Beer of the Month Club to understand why Lake Placid Brewery has earned the respect of the brewing community and national media attention. Over the years they have brewed almost 80 different styles of beer and they brew nearly 300,000 pints of beer each year, placing them in the top 7% of brewpubs nationwide.

In 2000, some White House interns who were accompanying Hillary Clinton on a trip through New York as she contemplated running for the Senate, found the atmosphere and the brews at LPB to be terrific. The interns brought some Ubu Ale, the flagship beer, to President Clinton as a gift. After a few swigs, President Clinton ordered 3 cases of Ubu growlers shipped to D.C. for a party at the White House. Not too many breweries can tell THAT story!

Beginning in the summer of 2012, the Pub underwent major renovations and expansion that has allowed the brewery to brew exciting new styles of beer in larger quantities than ever before. Lake Placid Brewery is understandably proud of the list of accolades that just keeps growing. One of their most awarded brews remains Ubu Ale, their flagship ale that’s deep red in color with a smooth and hearty taste. There’s a nice, warm feeling that follows — the perfect finish to the medium mouthfeel and full body this microbrew offers.

Leaping Cow Ale is an English-style pale ale, one of their summer seasonals, named for a peculiar backwoods fence. It’s light but spicy, with slightly sweet crystal malt, finishing with big American hop aroma.

Featured Beer from Lake Placid Brewery:

SUMMER ALE — Lake Placid’s Leaping Cow Ale Top fermented Summer Ales are brewed to be light and refreshing, and many are sparkling with carbonation. Enjoy this brew early in the day before the heat gets you, and again at dusk, when the work is done and it’s time to relax.

ENGLISH STYLE ALE — Lake Placid’s Ubu Ale All ales are expressive and complex with great fruitiness that eludes lagers. This top-fermented brew is rich in maltiness with just the right amount of hops. It’s a well-rounded version that can be served with salmon, roast beef, wild game or lamb dishes.

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