Those really familiar with cigars can identify the country of origin of a given cigar just by its aroma, appearance and the way it smokes. Can you?

The key to their ability is that the climate and the different soil composition of each country gives that country’s cigars a sort of “accent.”

The majority of premiums (completely handmade, and the most popular-selling cigars worldwide) come from either Honduras or the Dominican Republic. Dominicans are considered to be the mildest of all smokes; Hondurans are a bit spicier and more full bodied; and cigars from Nicaragua have the reputation for offering a sweeter personality than cigars from other nations.

I don’t know if you’ve picked up on the pattern yet, but maybe you have noticed that most of the cigars offered from your favorite Cigar of the Month Club come from just a handful of countries. That’s no accident! The world’s best smokes come from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras — our treasured three — but we also offer the best from other countries as they prove their worthiness.

This month selections (and their components) come from two different countries. Can you identify the characteristics from the country of origin as you enjoy each smoke?

Featured Countries of Origin from your Favorite Cigar of the Month Club:

NICARAGUA AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLICTake a Close Look at this Month’s Cigar Selections . . .

SN# 31256: ROMEO Y JULIETA MEDIA NOCHE ROBUSTO          20 / $90.00

Nationality: Dominican   Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 5.0; 54 ring; snug with a fermented San Andres Maduro wrapper

Personality: She’s ridiculously well structured, nutty and spicy but honey-like; robust, delicious, brimming with goodness.

SN# 31257: MAN O’ WAR LE ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS TORO (Only 50,000 produced!)     20 / $120.00

Nationality: Nicaraguan  Appearance: FULL bodied, 6.5; 52 ring; featuring an Ecuadorian Habano sun-grown wrapper

Personality: A limited edition,this one’s a bold mix of rich premium tobacco with pepper, wood, caramel and spices.

SN# 31258: LATITUDE ZERO ROBUSTO               20 / $90.00

Nationality: Nicaraguan    Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 5.0; 52 ring; Angelic in Angel’s Cut Habano Ecuardor leaf

Personality: A bold product of the 2010 vintage, expect powerful boldness layered with nuts, pepper, oak, cream, caramel.


Nationality: Dominican Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 6.2; 52 ring; Beautiful in a flawless Habano outer wrapper

Personality: An aged complex lovely that’s sure to please, she’s packed with espresso, oak, leather, earth and sweet cream.

SN# 31260: PINAR del RIO FUMAS CHURCHILL                  20 / $40.00

Nationality: Dominican  Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 7.0; 48 ring; Impressive inside a scrumptious Habano wrapper

Personality: A lovely cigar crafted with grand richness, she delivers cream, nuts and leather, finishing cool and crisp

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