Lucid Brewery was founded on the principles of CLARITY IN THINKING by Jon Messier and Eric Biermann, two hard-core homebrewing craft beer aficionados who found their run-of-the-mill office jobs were boring — eating up time they could spend brewing beer!

Clarity came in the precious few relaxing moments spent with their spouses and some finely crafted brews. In one lucid moment, it was clear that a permanent break in the cycle was in order. In June of 2011, after more than a year of planning and designing, they quit their jobs to build Lucid Brewery. With tons of help from friends and family, it all came together. By October the brewery was complete, with the first deliveries made during the week of Thanksgiving.
Lucid Brewery’s first mainstay beer quenched the thirsts of those working to put the brewery together. (Your favorite Beer of the Month Club would have volunteered, too, had we known there was great free beer!) What started with 3 customers has grown to hundreds; Jon’s old car has been replaced with refrigerated trucks.

Recently named Star Tribune’s Best New Micro Brewery for 2013, their mantra is: FROM CLARITY IN THINKING COMES EXCELLENCE IN DRINKING. Only from clarity in thinking about product lines, ingredients, quality control, packaging design and distribution, can we produce high quality, flavorful craft beer that is refined yet approachable, the definition of EXCELLENCE IN DRINKING.

Silo Saison, a refreshing beer, celebrates summer. Silo’s name tips the hat to Belgian farmers who invented this summer brew. With its light body and effervescent carbonation, Silo is the perfect brew after a long day in the sun, working or playing.

They carefully blended Pacific Northwest hops to create crisp aromas and flavors of fresh cut flowers and tangerine to make their Dyno Pale Ale — a perfect flash of bitterness with intense citrus and floral bursts make this a full bore hop hot rod!

Featured Beer from Lucid Brewery:
Silo Saison & Dyno Pale Ale

PALE ALE — Lucid’s Dyno Pale Ale: This noteworthy PA is a rich, light bodied brew with assertive hops and a dry finish. Britain’s classic beer, pale ale is by definition, medium-bodied with a complex, medium-dry palate. This one’s got a great flash of bitterness! Serve cool, not cold (55°F) with Pan Asian cuisine and your favorite poultry dishes.

SUMMER ALE — Lucid’s Silo Saison: Top fermented Summer Ales are brewed to be light and refreshing, and like this one from Lucid, many are sparkling with carbonation. Enjoy this brew early in the day before the heat gets to you, and again at dusk, when the work is done and it’s time to relax with friends.

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