Green is the second most popular color (following blue), synonymous with life, hope, vitality, nature, and a whole lot more. Load your memory bank with a little green trivia, compliments of your favorite Pizza of the Month Club.

• In the ancient Aztec culture, green signified royalty. It was the color chosen for the plumes worn by chieftains.

• Sacred to the Egyptians, green represented the hope and joy of spring and new life. The floors of many Egyptian temples were hues of green.

• It was believed to have magical or mystical properties. In several religious sects, green is still associated with resurrection and regeneration.

• This color is linked in a positive way to Aphrodite and Venus, Goddesses of Love. But it also characterizes the Ugly Green Demon, Jealousy.

• Symbolizing self-respect, well-being and emotional balance, color experts encourage us to surround us with green to attain a better sense of balance and to make the most of new opportunities, freedoms and challenges. Adversely, someone new to his job or position is said to be “green,” meaning he lacks valuable experience, perhaps prone to making mistakes.

• Green can affect us physically, as well. It has soothing, relaxing properties that help quell depression and anxiety. No other color brings us so much peacefulness at a glance. Can you think of a more touching phrase than “longing for the green, green grass of home”?

•  In the 1400’s, green wedding gowns were the norm, symbolizing fertility.

• Green signifies “Go!” in traffic signals, railroad and ship signals.

• The color of “safety,” green is used at times to mark fire escape routes and to make road construction crews and warning signs more visible. A staple in hospitals and first aid equipment, oddly it also is used to describe someone who is ill – as in, “the patient looked green.”

• Green means an upturn in North American stock market prices; but signifies a drop in the East Asian market.

• Rumor has it that Santa’s suit was green until the 50’s when Coca-Cola bought him out and forced him to wear red. Did I mention it’s the color of money — and one of this month’s pizza selections?

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Pizza Selections . .


We’re going to show you a bunch of green! This pizza is topped with sliced artichokes, green peppers and broccoli, blanketed with Mozzarella. The sauce is our special Basil Olive Oil sauce featuring olive oil, Romano cheese and fresh Basil.


This deep dish pan crust is highlighted with your favorite Pizza of the Month Club’s signature tomato sauce (with onions, garlic, spices, Romano, oils and Chablis). And it’s loaded with meat — bacon, spiced pork sausage and spiced Italian beef, with the all-important protective layer of Mozzarella.


Anything with “Thai” in the name automatically means Spicy Peanut Sauce. Ours is made with peanut butter, Red Seed of Chile, and Teriyaki. This pizza is loaded with spiced chicken breast strips, green onions shredded carrots and Mozzarella cheese.

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