Beer isn’t just for drinking. Creative cooking with beer has become an art form, and is embraced by legions of Kitchen Divas who appreciate that beer is a low-cost, low-fat, versatile, easy-to-use, readily available ingredient. (Did you know that most of the calories in beer comes from the alcohol . . . which is lost during the cooking process?)

Wine no longer holds the patent as the liquid alcohol of choice when it comes to preparing or pairing with foods. The flavorful hand-crafted beers brought to you by your favorite Beer of the Month Club are equal to cooking with the best wines, only better! Our brews are high quality and both preservative-free and additive-free.

Cooking with beer is far from a new concept. Early on, beer was probably considered more of a base material to which other things were added, like in stews, soups, breads, etc. Original beers were more food-like, with all the ingredient solids sort of suspended in the liquid.

Today, chefs add a whole new palette of flavors by substituting beer in any recipe calling for wine, broth or water. Unless a specific beer is called for, you’re always safe using any light, pale lager. In general, these lagers can:

  • Safely substitute for half the liquid in any bread recipe
  • Be used full strength for steaming mussels; diluted with water and spices added for steaming shrimp
  • As a thinner for any type of batter
  • Act as the secret ingredient for light marinades, mixing easily with oil and soy saucesF
  • Full-bodied lager or ale add punch to strong Chinese-inspired marinades.
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