Starting either as a dream, or maybe a flashback to the days before Prohibition, the Hopland Brewery came into existence as the first brewpub opened in California, and the second in the country, after the repeal of the 18th Amendment. First housed in the tiny town of Hopland, CA, founders wanted to take the beer-loving community back to a time and place where folks could rally around beer that was crafted especially for them.

In August of 1983 the newly re-named Mendocino Brewery was formed, and that December the brewery rolled out the “World’s Largest 6-Pack,” featuring 6 magnums of Red Tail — an OSHA nightmare that tipped the scale at a brutal 42 pounds! (Today those bottles are collector’s items.) Within 5 years of that first batch of Red Tail, distribution had greatly increased. It was clear there was a need for 12 oz. bottles and more room! Brewing and packaging design awards followed. The 1990’s found dramatic expansion to a new super facility built in Ukiah, backed by entrepreneur Dr. Vijay Mallya.

Your favorite Beer of the Month Club brings you their flagship old world brewed Red Tail American Ale. Premium ingredients and their special proprietary yeast produce a rich, complex, fresh brew with a crisp dry finish.

Featured Beer from Mendocino: Red Tail Amber Ale –

AMBER ALE — Mendocino Brewery’s Red Tail Amber Ale: Amber ales are top-fermented amber-colored ales with perfect balance between various hops and malts. A perfect session brew, this Amber can be paired with the best cuts of pork, bacon or ham, Gouda cheese and pear fritters. Serve in pint glasses at 45 to 50° F. Like fine wine, Red Tail Ale is a perfect complement to any fine dining experience.


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