Some years ago, three Amana men decided to revise an art that hadn’t been practiced in Amana for years — the art of brewing beer. Carroll F. Zuber, and brothers James and Dennis Roemig, had a dream of building a little brewery to produce small batches of hand brewed beer reminiscent of Europe’s finest. To brew the best, they needed the best, so they called on one of America’s premier brewers, Joseph Pickett, Sr., who helped in the brewery design and the development of their family of beers.

In 1985 Millstream opened its doors — the first brewery to operate in Amana since 1884, and the first microbrewery in Iowa. So the Millstream Brewery was born. In 2000, Chris Priebe, and Tom and Teresa Albert purchased Millstream, bringing Chris’s brewing knowledge from his training at the Siebel Institute of Brewing, and Teresa’s sales/marketing/people person skills. Tom is the glue that makes them a cohesive team at the helm of a great brewery.

Recognized as the home of quality brews of rewarding taste, they currently possess 18 national awards and one coveted international award. Your favorite Beer of the Month Club is excitedly looking forward to what’s ahead from Millstream. This small family-owned business is making it big in the world of mainstream beers, committed to making quality brews, one batch at a time.

First introduced in 1996 as a winter seasonal, thick, full-bodied Back Road (Oatmeal) Stout is now an all year affair, winning multiple awards, including Gold at the 2011 GABF. The grist of this brew is the 5% oatmeal content, giving it a thick mouthfeel. Black malt and roasted barley lend color and coffee flavors.

John’s White Ale is a classic “Wit” beer, spicy, crisp and refreshing, with a white haze from the wheat used in the mash. This favorite since 2002 has a big head, the result of multiple awards!

WHITE ALE —Millstream’s John’s White Ale — A variation of the white ale family, white ales get their name from their distinctive “white” coloring and cloudy glow from the top fermenting ale yeast and the wheat. Plunk a slice of orange on the side of your glass for breakfast instead of orange juice; serve with fruit, salads, fish, poultry or spicy Asian foods.

STOUT — Millstream Brewery’s Back Road (Oatmeal) Stout — Top-fermented, this beauty is a well balanced black malt and roasted barley-inspired treasure with deep color and coffee-like flavors. Millstream’s first high gravity beer, it’s great with steak, well-aged cheddar,chocolate espresso cake, or fresh berries and vanilla ice cream.

Featured Beer from Millstream Brewery:
Back Road (Oatmeal) Stout & John’s White Ale

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