You have probably heard the very recent news that our government and the governing leaders of Cuba have made progress in reconciling their long-standing issues. As a devoted cigar smoker, it’s a sure bet one of the most important aspects of this news for you is the possibility of being able to purchase and enjoy the elusive Cuban cigars.

Most distributors, including the Worldwide Cigar Club (your favorite Cigar of the Month Club!) know that while this (barring any complications) will become reality, it won’t happen any time soon.

Without preaching politics, one barricade is that President Obama and the Republicans in Congress have a lot of compromising to do before the “progress” toward U.S./Cuban relations comes to fruition.

If all goes well politically, in the very near future Cuba will be opening her doors to welcome tourists and visitors from our country. Returning guest will be allowed to bring up to $100 dollars worth of tobacco home with them.

But there are huge legal obstacles that will make the commercial importation of Cuban cigars extraordinarily complex. One example is that Cuba holds the world trademark for certain  brand names; but the U.S. now recognizes like trademarks for similar cigars produced in the Domincan Republic. The inevitable lawsuits will take years to resolve.

It remains to be seen if the grand reputation of Cuban cigars is more lore than fact. The Cuban companies are already working hard to return to their former levels of perfection. Once they are readily accessible here and the hype settles down, Cuban cigars will have their niche – but it’s doubtful they will ever drive the U.S. cigar market.

SN# 31281: COHIBA RED DOT ROBUSTO         25 / $200.00

Nationality: Dominican   Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 5.0; 49 ring; All dressed up in a toothy Cameroon wrapper Personality: This exquisite 92-rated lady has a strong, smooth, incredibly rich character; Sets the standard for today’s premiums. She’s recognizable by the red dots on her band.

SN# 31282: JOYA DE NICARAGUA RED TORO  25 / $120.00

Nationality: Nicaraguan  Appearance:  MEDIUM bodied, 6.0; 52 ring; Dressed in a golden hued Nicaraguan Habano wrap Personality: Rated 90 for her excellently palatable fashion sense, she delivers a feisty feast of roasted nuts, pepper, leather, toast and coffee. In a nutshell, Joya Red is going to appeal to fans of Joya de Nicaragua, plus all the newcomers, as well.

SN# 31283: BOLD BY NISH PATEL TORO         20 / $140.00

Nationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 6.5; 52 ring; In smooth, dark brown, well-aged CT Broadleaf Personality: The bold baby of Nish Patel (younger brother of Rocky). It took 5 years to perfect this blend – be prepared to be amazed! A double-binder keeps the distinctive tobacco recipe together. She’s bold, intense, sweet, spicy and peppery.

SN# 31284: VICTOR SINCLAIR PRIMEROS CHURCHILL            20 / $55.00

Nationality: Dominican Appearance: MILD bodied, 7.0; 50 ring; Wrapped up in a golden brown Connecticut wrapper Personality: This is one tall stick! Priced right with ample flavor, you’ll find her pleasantly mellow personality never waivers. This churchill is light enough for rookie palates, yet interesting enough to keep the veterans satisfied, too.

SN# 31285: AMATI TORPEDO   20 / $45.00

Nationality: Dominican  Appearance: MILD bodied, 6.25; 52 ring; Wrapped snugly in USA Connecticut wrappers Personality: Twenty lovelies in a box for an unbelievable price! And each is constructed with Dominican long-fillers for a mild, smooth and creamy smoking experience.

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