Mustang, new to the Beer of the Month Club, proudly makes great, easy-drinking craft beers to be enjoyed year ‘round. In 2008, after deciding they wanted to get into the beer business, the founders drafted a business plan, sold their home, cashed in their 401Ks, and started brewing beer in a 5-gallon turkey fryer.

When they served their first pint of Mustang on July 13, 2009 at the James E. McNellie’s Public House in Oklahoma City, they knew they had a winner. Over 200 pints were sold in the first 15 minutes and all nine kegs floated in a short ninety minutes. Things have been crazy ever since! Mustang brews are now sold throughout Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas with plans to expand. In January of 2013, they purchased their own brewery near downtown OK City, called OKCity Brewing. They’ve come a long way since the adventures of the turkey fryer!

Their award-winning recipes are developed and perfected at their Oklahoma City headquarters. They brew and package their products at all three of their facilities – two in Oklahoma and one in Wisconsin. Each of the three is a top-notch facility, and has earned multiple awards and medals for their signature brews.

A Gold Medal winner at the 2011, 2012 and 2013 World Beer Championships, Washita Wheat is brewed with pride . . . and with Oklahoma Red Wheat from the Washita River Valley, American and European barley, and Cluster and German Hallertau hops. The red wheat produces a slightly different wheat beer than you are used to, incredibly smooth and oh, so good.

Mustang Sixty-Six Lager took the Silver at the 2013 World Beer Championship! It’s a traditional American amber lager, brewed using four kinds of barley, Hallertau and Willamette hops for crisp, clean character, extra body and a beautiful brownish-red hue.

Featured beer from Mustang Brewery: Sixty-Six Amber Lager and Washita Wheat

AMBER LAGER — Mustang’s Sixty-Six Amber Lager — Red copper-colored and bottom fermented, this lager really shines when served with spicy or seasoned entrees, steak, grilled foods or your favorite pasta dishes. Amber lagers are easily recognized by their bitterness, hoppiness and toasty maltiness, notable for perfect balance of flavor.

WHEAT BEER — Mustang’s Washita Wheat — These top-fermented ales contain 20% to 60% wheat. Of German heritage, wheat beers have a distinctive yeasty, bread-like aroma, and a unique taste. A refreshing drink sometimes served with a lemon wedge, sometimes served as a breakfast drink. Great with pickled herring, cheese and crackers.

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