Jon Cadoux has been an avid brewer since the nineties. Whenever possible he would find ingredients from local organic farmers for his homebrews. It was a defining day when he discovered that you don’t need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability, but that pure ingredients actually make the beer more delicious! At that point, Jon decided he would attempt to mesh his passion for local sustainable agriculture with his love for making delicious beer. Fortunately, it wasn’t hard to find good people on brew days to experiment and enjoy the fruits of their labors. A kinship was forged and many of those same people are still part of the company today. Peak Organic Brewing was born.

From day one, Peak was a craft brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using local, artisan and organic ingredients. Today it contributes to the craft beer renaissance with contemporary takes on traditional styles of beer, and innovative flavors never before tried. In 2009, Peak helped Maine farmers cultivate commercial hops – the first such harvest since 1880!

The name is derived from the “Peak” experiences they all share. Celebrating these “peak” moments, they decided to put photos of them on their beer labels. Send a picture of you and your brew, and you could find yourself on a batch of their craft brew bottle labels!

AMBER ALE — Peak’s Organic Fall Summit Amber Ale — This is an amber-colored, top-fermented ale with perfect balance between the elements of outstanding organic hops and warm toasted malts. This Amber can be paired with all hearty Autumn dishes, fall vegetable roasts, butternut squash, fresh harvest apples and gouda cheese. Organic Fall Summit Amber Ale showcases Jason’s Summit hops with its amazing pine, spice and citrus aromas. Toasted malt provides warm, rich flavors, and cold fermentation adds a crisp finish.

NUT BROWN ALE — Peak’s Organic Nut Brown Ale Like a dark, English-style brown ale, this selection starts out ultra-smooth. Add a variety of organic hops and you’ve got a crisp nutty brew big on differentiated flavors that play well with hearty beef, roasted pork, red sauced pastas, creamy soups, aged cheeses – and gouda!   Organic Nut Brown Ale is a smooth English-style, using chocolate and Munich malts and Hallartau hops for a crispy nut finish. It’s dark, delectable and complex, with great food-pairing flavors.


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