Peak is a craft brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using local, artisan and organic ingredients. With roots in home brewing back in the ’90’s, brewer Jon Cadoux set about combining his love for beer with an ethic for sustainability. Whenever possible, he’d use organic ingredients from local farmers. It was a defining day when Jon discovered that he didn’t need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability – that better ingredients actually made good beer even more delicious.

Peak is contributing to this movement with contemporary takes on traditional styles of beer, and innovative never-brewed-before flavors. If you read about their beers, you will see they regularly collaborate with other local purveyors, organic farmers, creative chefs and like-minded organizations to create tasty beer in the best way possible. In 2009, Peak helped Maine farmers cultivate commercial hops, the first such harvest since 1880. They take great pride in these organic hops.

Gradually, they came up with a name for the moments they all shared over their craft: Peak Experiences. Beers in hand, they found themselves celebrating the end of a great day outdoors, adventurous past travels, or a favorite meal with friends and family. They like these moments so much they decided to put Peak Experience photos on all their packaging. Share your Peak Experiences with Peak and your favorite Beer of the Month Club, by sending Peak your photo! You just might find yourself gracing the label on a bottle of this great beer!
Fresh Cut Pilsner is a dry-hopped pilsner. Chinook, Citra and Centennial hops provide citrus, grass and spice aromas. Though the front palate is loud with IPA qualities, the finish is distinctly pilsner – crisp, dry and extremely refreshing.

Their Amber Ale starts bright and lively with an abundance of Crystal Malts. They establish a strong contrast between front palate and back palate by adding a distinct toasty finish with heaps of Munich Malt.

Featured Beer from Peak Organic Brewing Co.:
Organic Fresh Cut Pilsner & Organic Amber Ale

AMBER ALE — Peak’s Organic Amber Ale: Any ale darker than a pale and lighter than a brown is classified as an amber ale. Diverse in color, hoppiness and malt character, serve this organic amber with grilled chicken and veggies, smoked fish, poultry, burgers, port-salut or tangy cheese. (Ales are always top-fermented.)

PILSNER — Peak’s Organic Fresh Cut Pilsner: Bottom fermented, refreshing and golden, pilsners are the world’s most popular style, pairing well with many foods including Thai, Vietnamese and Indian dishes, ham, fish sandwiches, lobster, smoked salmon, sausage, and any meal eaten on rustic outdoor hand-hewn Amish furniture!

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