(Vintage 2014, White) Country: Germany  Region: Mosel  Grape: Riesling

The Mosel wine region lies along the peaceful banks of the Mosel (the 2007 vintage referred to it as the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer) enjoys the most picturesque landscape in all of Germany’s wine country. It is considered Germany’s oldest wine growing region with production dating back to Roman times. It is also the world’s steepest wine growing region, with more than 50% of the vineyards situated at inclines of greater than 30°.

Wine production has existed there for centuries, but cultivation and harvest have always remained problematic. Mechanization that helps so many others is useless in Mosel’s terrain. Wine production here is a backbreaking job. Most of the work is still done by hand.

The finest and best known of Germany’s white varietals, Righteous Riesling is made of 100% Riesling grapes from selected Mosel vineyards. It shines straw yellow with green tints in the glass. Well balanced, fruity, semi-sweet, with fragrant fruity aromas, it has a rich and luxurious texture. With a refreshing crispness and subtle apple notes, there’s an underlying slaty acidity that adds to the harmonious balance. Enjoy it now, chilled, as an aperitif or with cold soups, salads, soft shell crab, lake perch or Asian cuisine.

Peter Freimuth’s Righteous Riesling:

RIESLING GRAPES — A classic German variety, it can, if properly handled, produce a wine of such tremendous fruit-acidity ratio that it is in a different class altogether. Throughout history, the Riesling grape has tested the stamina and patience of German wine grape growers, as it is at its best when clinging to extraordinarily steep inclines. Grown elsewhere, it is not so difficult. It is light in body and low in alcohol, yet has intense flavor. Aged, the finest Rieslings develop a zesty, vivid bouquet, and is one of the most scintillating producers of intensely sweet wines. Peter Freimuth offers a fine example of an elegantly fruity riesling wine.

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