Country: California  Region: Cienega Valley  Grape: Zinfandel

Pietra Santa is a family-run estate producing artisanal wines and olive oils, located 25 miles from California’s Monterey Bay. Proximity to the coast provides cooling maritime breezes and a long growing season, resulting in vibrant and flavorful wines. It also benefits from the granite and limestone soils, and is named Pietra Santa, meaning “Sacred Stone” in Italian. Its wine-making history dates back to the 1850’s when vines were first planted. It is owned today by the Blackburn family, dedicated to creating the best possible wines and continuing quality traditions.

The Estate is bisected by California’s San Andreas Fault. Over the years, the earth’s movements filled the soils with granite and limestone. This creates low yields and adds interesting characters and flavors to their wines. Due to the mountainous terraine, only 120 of the estate’s 450 acres are planted with wine grapes. An additional 25 are planted with olive trees.

From 100% Zinfandel grapes, some from a treasured block planted in 1905, this wine reflects fully developed fruit concentration and complexity. Total cases produced: 1,040. This annual favorite tastes of ripe cherries and blueberries with toasted oak. Well balanced with a subtle black pepper and sage finish, enjoy it now, at room temperature, with rich pasta, ribs, roasts, aged cheeses, and even a bit of dark chocolate.

Pietra Santa Zinfandel: ZINFANDEL GRAPES — Although originating in Croatia, the Zinfandel grape is now synonymous with California. These grapes possess intense fruitiness, lush texture and robust structure, but the vines are sometimes low yielding. The berry-like character always shines through. Intense flavors of cherries and blueberries are present in pure Zinfandel wines produced in the area of the San Andreas Fault, thanks to the granite and limestone soil.


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