Did you know that a penchant for pizza actually prompted the invention of the bulletproof vest?!? Richard Davis, a former Marine living in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1960’s, was a regular at the local pizza joint. So when he was offered a job as a pizza delivery person, he jumped at the opportunity to both earn a few extra bucks, and get a discount on his favorite food, pizza!

But on the evening of July 15, 1969, Davis was directed to make a delivery to an address on a dark back alley in a rough part of Detroit. He was greeted by three armed men. One allegedly stole the pizza; one stole his money; the third shot Davis twice. They all left him for dead.

As he painfully recovered from his wounds, he began to explore means of protection that would shield him and others from such incidents. As a marine, he was familiar with the military-issued nylon vests, but knew that those were too thin, and could not stop bullets fired at close range. He developed a plan.

He made a prototype vest out of Kevlar, a newly available, indestructible material. To test it, he covered a very thick phone book with his vest and opened fire. There was not a mark on the phone book, and Davis knew he had just found his answer.

Undaunted by the lack of interest in his bulletproof Kevlar vest, he knew a demonstration was worth thousands of words. Prospective buyers couldn’t say “No” when he donned the prototype, aimed a pistol at his own chest, pulled the trigger, and calmly answered questions posed by his stunned audience. Today the Kevlar vest is widely used by all branches of the military, all arenas of law enforcement, and even a few delivery guys. Kudos to Richard Davis.


Cooked spinach is tempered by sweet pineapple and sassy green apples, encased in a blanket of mozzarella. And oh, that sauce — it’s Basil Olive Oil sauce made with olive oil, fresh basil and Romano cheese.


Hickory smoked bacon, fresh red onion slices, sweet mozzarella — is your mouth watering? The alfredo sauce is made with heavy cream, Romano, butter, etc. — Quick! Grab a napkin! Your mouth REALLY IS watering!!


And lastly, for your dining pleasure, your Favorite Pizza of the Month Club presents: The Headliners: Spiced chicken breast strips, fresh sliced red pepper strips, not-too-hot Jalapeños and mozzarella. The Supporting Cast: Spices, tomatoes, onions, garlic, Romano cheese, corn & olive oils, and Chablis wine.

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