Pizza night is everybody’s favorite, but if you’ve wondered if you are in a rut by just serving pizza alone, here are a few appetizers who are pleading to be the opening act for pizza night!

Eat Buffalo wings before your next pizza is served, and you’ll be hooked! The spicier, the better . . . and don’t forget the cool Ranch dressing.

Nacho chips drenched in melted cheese, spiked with hot peppers and chunky veggies, are fit to be crowned with tender ground beef. This royal appetizer is perfect for announcing the arrival of your favorite pizza.

Deep-fried mushrooms, lightly salted and piping hot, are a natural before enjoying a pizza meal. These, too, can be served with either pizza or marinara sauce, or maybe Ranch or BBQ sauce, for liberal dipping.

You have probably tried spicy stuffed hot peppers as an appetizer, but have you tried them with pizza? Prepare yourself to be amazed!

Mozzarella cheese sticks, deep crispy-fried outside and hot and stringy inside, are my family’s favorite prelude to pizza. Marinara or pizza sauce for dipping is the rule under my roof.

And you know it’s just plain wrong to eat pizza without a suitable beverage in hand. Beer is the hands-down favorite of beer drinkers! The light beers are what I reach for. (And warm beer is great with cold pizza, really!) Wine drinkers prefer wine, usually Italian reds are at the top of their request list.

But who said it’s needs to be an alcoholic drink? Your favorite Pizza of the Month Club recommends ice water, soda, iced tea or lemonade — all great for adults and kids alike! 

Dressing the Part

The image of a pizza chef always includes the signature hat — tall and ballooning at the top. Ever wonder why it’s styled like that? The unique shape counteracts the intense kitchen heat, letting air circulate around the scalp, allowing the chef to keep a cool head on his shoulders.

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Pizza Selections . . . Please see individual pizza labels for how to bake the perfect CHICAGO DEEP DISH PAN CRUST PIZZA.

#1  REUBEN GOURMET PIZZA – Canadian bacon, Sauerkraut and Swiss cheese get the royal treatment from our rich Alfredo Sauce. What’s in the sauce? Heavy cream, Romano cheese, butter, eggs, flour and salt. Oh,so good! 

#2  T.M.Z. GOURMET PIZZA – Tomatoes, fresh sliced Mushrooms and Zucchini are covered with Mozzarella. And this deep dish pan crust is topped with your favorite Pizza of the Month Club’s signature tomato sauce (with onions, garlic, spices, Romano, oils and Chablis).

#3  TANGY SHRIMP GOURMET PIZZA – What’ do you crave on a pizza heavy with fresh large lemon-peppered shrimp and Mozzarella? That would be our noteworthy Garlic Sauce, made with olive and corn oils, garlic, cayenne pepper, and spiced Romano cheese.

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