Eating pizza is almost always fun, but for those times when it’s unpleasantly messy, we’ve come up with a list of tools to help you enjoy every slice.

The knife was one of the first tools designed and used by humans, but the pizza industry is credited with adding a new slant to the original shape and function. The Rocker Knife is a half-moon blade that’s perfect for easily and quickly cutting through thick pizza crusts with little effort. Some people prefer the straight top edge that doubles as a handle, while others prefer a style that has a steel handle that’s bent into a triangle. The inverted bottom becomes a steady, comfortable half-inch-wide handle that offers a solid non-slip grip. The one-piece construction of the rocker knife lends better leverage. If you invest in one, especially handy for deep dish pizzas, keep it sharp by always cutting on a peel or wood cutting board.

The Cutter Wheel (usually 2.5″ or 4″ in diameter) is the favorite for cutting thin crusts. The pizza industry takes a bow for creating really large ones for cutting really large pizzas! The biggest complaint against cutter wheels is that it takes practice to cut in a straight line. It’s suggested that you use one with a plastic (not wooden) handle that is more easily kept clean and won’t splinter.

Servers & Spatulas (for going from bakeware to individual plates) are manufactured in dimensions that mimic the size of pizza slices and are typically made of stainless steel with a wooden handle, or all plastic. Both work well to both serve and re-cut melted cheese on a steaming-hot pizza. Serve your family the right pizza (maybe a selection from our Pizza Club!) and serve it hot and inviting the easy way, using the right tools!

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