There are several ways to light a cigar, and even more opinions on the proper etiquette. No matter how you choose to do it, these reminders
can help you achieve a clean, refreshing smoke with no bitterness.

Any cigar may be lit by using a match, a lighter or even a fancy cedar spill. When using a match, pause after striking it to let the sulfur burn off. When a steady flame is achieved, you will then have a clean flame with no sulfur taste. (Ideally, long stove matches work best because the flame is larger and lasts longer.)

Using a lighter? The flameless and butane ones are best, allowing for a pleasantly clean light.The third option is to use a cedar spill, which is a long strip of Spanish cedar which is lit first by match or lighter, then used to light the cigar. The cedar offers a cool, clean start and pleasant aroma.

When lighting up, let your cigar breathe the heat from the flame. After placing the cigar in your mouth, gently roll it about one-half an inch from the flame. As you roll it, the cigar will slowly preheat before the flame ignites it. The key is always offering a slow turn to establish an even
burn. Once you suspect the cigar is lit, pull it from your mouth and double-check the glowing foot. If done properly, there should be an even glow; however, uneven glows are very common — easily remedied by gently blowing on the area where additional flame is required.

If your cigar happens to extinguish, knock off the remaining ash. Then gently blow through the cigar to clear out the old smoke. Before repeating the lighting steps, you may want to dampen the leaves by gently running the cigar across your lips to moisten it a bit.

Look at this Month’s Cigar Selections . . .

TCAMACHO COROJO ROBUSTO – Nationality: Honduran Appearance: FULL bodied, 5.0; 50 ring; With a super high-grade, fifth priming Corojo wrapper leaf Personality: This fine specimen aims to please and succeeds with ease. Beneath the covers lie an authentic Corojo binder and a blend of 3 primings of Corojo long fillers. Smooth, classic, well-aged and well-constructed. She’s everything you need her to be.

PARTAGAS CIFUENTES MADURO DOUBLE ROBUSTO – Nationality: Dominican Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 5.25; 58 ring; Employs a dark, CT Havana Media Tiempo wrap Personality: This lip-smacker delivers a bold profile of espresso, spices, wood and creamy sweetness.

CAO BLACK BENGAL – Nationality: Honduran Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 6.0; 50 ring; Draped in cedar; wrapped in Ecuadorian CT leaf
Personality: This classic offers a ton of creamy spice with subtle vanilla. Complex, first she’s mellow; then offers a smooth, woodsy flavor with an incredibly clean finish. She leaves you lingering with a pleasing peppery taste on the palate.

GRAYCLIFF G2 MADURO PIRATE TORPEDO – Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 6.0; 52 ring; With a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper Personality: This girl gets the benefit of sturdy underpinnings compliments of her PA Broadleaf wrapper, giving her additional body and complexity. She’s full of nuances of cocoa, cream, and spice. This G2 may become your new staple choice!

EO NO. 21 CHURCHILL – Nationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 7.5; 52 ring; Dressed in a silky Connecticut wrapper
Personality: Rich and well-aged, she’s a graceful cream puff complete with oak, pepper, sweet cream, coffee and lots more.

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