Prost Brewing Company is located in the Lower Highland Neighborhood (LoHi) of Denver, near a handful of other breweries. But the types of “bier” (note the German’s spelling), Prost brews make it stand out ahead of all others. Prost specializes in German-style biers, brewed using authentic antique pre-used German-made equipment. The Prost name is from the German word that translates “To your health,” or “Cheers!” The name, equipment and ingredients all add up to a distinct all-German style unique in the growing Colorado craft beer scene. Prost, and brewmaster Larry Leinhart, proudly adhere to the strict German Purity Law. (See info on front page)

The story of the equipment Prost uses is an amazing one. It was brought to Colorado from Germany in 2011. There was a brewery in the Franconian village of Breitengubach established in 1642, and that brewery served the surrounding area for more than 350 years. The brewing hardware used there, originally built in 1963, was overhauled in 1984. It was eventually sold to Prost in the spring of 2011. Prost is proud to brew with German equipment, and all German hops and malts, according to the German laws and standards. Today there are multiple events featuring Prost products, including

Weiss Bier, Prost’s Bavarian Hefe Wheat Ale, has flavors of banana and clove, and is a market favorite. Slightly citrus-like and sweet, it’s perfect any time you just want an easy drinking, flavorful bier. A Gold Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival, it’s an unfiltered wheat ale with fruity esters and a hint of spice.

A German style pale ale, Alt Bier from Prost is one of a few German ales moving to the front of the line. From Düsseldorf, it’s copper colored, with a slight hop presence, clean flavor and dry finish.

Featured “Bier” from Prost Brewery: Weiss Bier Bavarian Hefe Wheat Ale & Alt Bier German Style Pale Ale 

HEFE WEISS WHEAT ALE — Prost Brewery’s Weiss Bier: The summer ale of Bavaria is brewed with malt and hops from Germany. Most recipes contain at least 50% wheat malt. Unfiltered, it’s cloudy, pale gold to amber, with a fluffy head. Refreshing, serve with a lemon wedge with pickled herring, cheese and breads.

ALT BIER — Prost Brewery’s Alt Bier: German authorities loosely define alt bier as any beer produced from pale or medium-colored Munich or Vienna malts, flavored with specific hops. “Alt” is German for “old.” Top-fermented, this Old World survivor will compliment any group, any situation, any celebration, any menu!



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