When British Blue-Bloods of the feminine sort gather to discuss the condition of the grounds at the Palace, or the Queen’s latest hat, they often enjoy tea.

In Russia, they raise a glass of Vodka to toast the always pristine performances of the ballet — or the winners of the latest strong man competition — depending on which sport they support.

With their pinky fingers poised just so, the French have sipped their fine wines for generations as they fantasize strolling the Riviera.

At home here in the USA, we are likely to reach for anything that is made with, dipped in, drizzled on, or solely CHOCOLATE! Not only are there several types of chocolate to choose from, but the “fillers” range from crispy pretzels and cereal, to melt-in-your-mouth creamy centers, to healthy fruits and nuts. This month’s Neapolitan assortment has something for everyone!

Nestled in the center of your box you’ll find chocolate covered coconut bar with almond treats. Coconut is the fruit (called a drupe) of the coconut palm. It has saved countless castaways from starvation and dehydration, and can do the same for us — only in less dramatic fashion. There are almonds, too, proven to be good for our hearts, and also boost our immune systems. You’ll be safe and happy if this morsel is what you choose.

In a ring around the center, again showered in chocolate, you can pick your favorite healthy fruit — strawberry and raspberry are the flavors this month. Or, if you’re a vanilla-type of person (I mean that in a GOOD way), zero in on that Oaxaca gem before someone else snatches it. No need to poise that pinky — just grab it and enjoy!

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