Used to be that when we ordered a pizza, the most important consideration was the ingredient list. We focused on pepperoni or sausage (or both), onions, peppers (green or jalapeño), mushrooms, olives (black or green), whatever went on top, and assumed the sauce would be tomato-based.

As the pizza realm has expanded, so have our choices. The new frontier is the land of the sauce, and the list of sauce choices is ever-evolving. Your favorite Pizza of the Month Club is so very proud to bring you three of the finest “alternative” sauces created, but thought we’d tweak your tastebuds with some alternatives:

In addition to this month’s Alfredo, there’s an Italian white, a creamy garlic white, and Ranch sauce, but these alternatives are pretty standard. Pursuing the unusual, we found sauces featuring:

Fresh clams; Salsa (for a Latin flair); BBQ (with a little Liquid Smoke). To add protein and nutrients to your diet, try Hummus on that Feta cheese pizza; and tone down the acidity by trying yummy Pumpkin  (or red Pumpkin/Beet) sauce.

Tapenade is a super flavorful olive sauce/spread; and Carrot-Harissa is hot, made with a North African chili paste.

If you like sweet and spicy, Pepper Jelly is a good choice. Prefer sweet and savory? Order Caramelized Onion sauce. Just plain sweet? Sweet Asian Hoisin and Soy-Miso (both great with pineapple and ham), might top your list of possibilities.

Want dramatic? One of the best is Argentine Chimichurri, a potent blend of oregano, garlic, parsley and olive oil. This is but a mere smattering of what’s out there to tease, tempt and tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy the pursuit of perfection!

Club’s of America’s standard tomato-based pizza sauce is one of the best out there, but every now and then a change of pace gives us a new taste sensation, and perhaps another favorite. We love to get feedback — let us know what you think of this month’s three pizza/sauce selections. Check out the back of this newsletter for both the e-mail and mail addresses to contact The Gourmet Pizza Club®.


In the running for a top slot on My Favorites List is this Canadian bacon, mushroom, onion and mozzarella masterpiece from David. The Alfredo sauce made with heavy cream, Romano, butter, eggs, flour and salt is nearly good enough to eat by the spoonful!


Fresh sliced green peppers, fresh sliced zucchini and mozzarella are carefully covered in our new pesto sauce. What does it take to make a killer pesto? It’s a blend of fresh basil, olive oil and Romano, crunched up with almonds and pine nuts. Awesome flavor!


Fresh large lemon peppered shrimp and mozzarella are cuddled by our special garlic sauce made with olive and corn oils, garlic salt and powder, cayenne pepper and spicy Romano cheese. Ahhh. Sea food . . . and eat it!

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