The Sand Creek Brewing Company began on a dairy farm in Downing, Wisconsin, about 20 miles northwest of Menomonie. After homebrewing on the family farm for years, brewmaster Cory Schroeder teamed up with Jim Wiesender to found the brewery in 1999. Using equipment scrounged from various industries (including a converted pudding tank as a brew kettle), the pair launched a successful business, brewing the beer just steps away from the chicken coop and a busy dairy farm.

The original brews from Sand Creek, available only on draft and in half gallon growlers, soon developed a reputation throughout Wisconsin’s many brew fests. With a capacity of only about 150 barrels a year, the brewery (now with the third owner, Barry Houlehen, on board) quickly outgrew the little shed. The search was on to find a suitable place to relocate somewhere in the Dunn/St. Croix counties area, but the search came up empty-handed.

When their friend in Black River Falls, Pioneer brewmaster Todd Krueger announced his brewery was for sale, the fit was perfect. In March of 2004 the combined forces of the two breweries officially formed the new Sand Creek Brewing Company of Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Today, your favorite Beer of the Month Club is proud to say it is one of the finest craft breweries in that state.

Their English Style Special Ale, one of their originals, is robust, with a hearty red-brown color and an authentic English traditional taste. With complex flavors from select roasted barleys and Cascade hops, it lingers gently on the palate.

Note the brilliant golden-amber color of their American Pale Ale, as the light hop aroma teases your nose and taste buds. It’s refreshing, malty, and sweet, with well-balanced bitterness true to the style.

Featured Beer from Sand Creek Brewery: English Style Special Ale & American Pale Ale

ENGLISH STYLE SPECIAL ALE —Sand Creek’s English Style Special Ale — All ales are expressive and complex in flavor, with a pleasing fruitiness not found in lagers. This top-fermented brew is rich in roasted barley. This is a red/brown ale that can be served as an aperitif, or with salmon or lamb dishes. 

AMERICAN PALE ALE — Sand Creek’s American Pale Ale — Another noteworthy top fermented ale, this one is refreshing and lightly hopped, just a bit different than the classic beer style of yesteryear.  With well-balanced bitterness that’s true to the style, serve at cellar temperature with spicy buffalo wings, pizza or Mexican food.



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