Back in 1988, the Santa Fe Brewing Company set its sights a bit higher than the delicacy of Milwaukee’s Best. Using custom square vessels and open-top fermenters obtained from the defunct Boulder Brewing Company, Mike Levis started brewing the Pale Ale that remains Santa Fe Brewing’s flagship. Over the ensuing decade the New Mexico State Fair and the Great American Beer Festival (and others) took notice. As a faithful following and regional renown grew, the company added the Nut Brown and Wheat varieties to their roster and established a tradition of unique and flavorful seasonal brews.

In 1997 when Brian Lock, Dave Forester, Carlos Muller and Ty Levis arrived, the company was ready to expand on its century-old traditions. Moving to their new location, the brewery increased its capacity to 15 barrels. Its brews were introduced to a wider audience in New Mexico and parts of Colorado. Then they opened their tasting room, inviting the public to partake. In 2005, Muller and Forester left Lock and Levis to carry the brewery into the 21st century. The brew house found a permanent home in the same area as the brewery, just up the road from its former location. Today their 30 bbl. brewery and bottling line are complete, with ten times the brew capacity of the former brewery.

Featured Beer from Santa Fe Brewery: State Pen Porter & Santa Fe Pale Ale

A multiple award winner, dark, bold, State Pen Porter was Voted Best of the Rockies two times — truly proud moments!  It’s drinkable and flavorful, and chock full of nuts and chocolate!

Santa Fe Pale Ale is not your typical American Ale. It’s full-bodied, with a healthy 3 hop varieties nose; malty with a classic hop bite.

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