Saranac FX Matt Brewery is the second oldest family-owned brewery in the United States, brewing beer since 1853, a community pillar for over 160 years. They work hard to support the individual people and families that have made their longevity possible through community oriented events, like the Saranac Thursdays Series which has raised more than $600,000 for the local United Way.

This brewery has been known by several names during its long history (Charles Bierbauer Brewery, The West End Brewing Company, Utica, etc.). Today the company is known as Saranac FX Matt Brewing Company, and is in its fourth generation of family ownership. The most popular product is the Saranac line of beers, though they also offer soft drinks and ginger beer.

There have been challenges! One of the biggest was a fire on May 29, 2008, that broke out in the packaging section. Canning and bottling were disrupted for more than a year, but gave Matt the opportunity to expand, upgrade and streamline, encouraging them to produce a whole family of award-winning beers that your favorite Beer of the Month Club confidently brings to you this month!

With a distinctive caramel malt sweetness and rich creamy trademark head, Black Forest Black Beer is flavorful, yet smooth. Winning several awards, including second in the U.S. Beer Tasting Championship, it’s a German style black lager also known as a Schwarzbier. (The brewery’s founder was from Germany’s Black Forest.)

Cold Brew Coffee Lager, a new style, was introduced in June, 2016.  Unique, less acidic cold brewed coffee combined with less acidic lager creates an easy-drinking brew that looks like amber lager. It’s smooth, with an impressive balance of delicate flavors.

Featured Beer from Saranac FX Matt Brewery: Black Forest Black Beer & Cold Brew Coffee Lager

DARK LAGER — Saranac Brewery’s Black Forest Black Beer: Dark, bottom-fermented lagers, rooted in the Bavarian region of Germany, are considered the traditional beer of Munich. Usually toasty, sometimes chocolatey, with low bitterness and malt aromas. Serve with hearty spicy foods, sausage or Mexican Chorizo dishes. Great with authentic Münster!

COFFEE LAGER — Saranac Brewery’s Cold Brew Coffee Lager: A new style, inspired by the recent trend in cold brewed coffee (brewed cold, never hot). Low in acidity, this unique coffee/beer brew appeals to all types of beer drinkers — and eaters . . . especially those who like BBQ, roasted or smoked meats, and any kind of chocolate!

INDIA PALE ALE — Saranac Brewery’s Legacy IPA: Usually India Pale Ales are known for their bitterness and strength, as well as their ability to refresh and revitalize our bodies. Saranac’s version is more tender in personality, thanks to the use of lighter grains, which bumps up the flavor profile considerably. A great light companion to whatever you crave.


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