Your Favorite Chocolate of the Month Club Invites You to Enjoy the Art of


Appreciating the subtleties of premium chocolate isn’t an art reserved for the professionals. It’s simply a matter of using all your senses to glean the most from each chocolate experience!

TAKE A LONG LOOK — Notice the rich color, the silk-like sheen and the texture of each piece.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH — Breathe in the vivid aroma of the chocolate and the sweet fragrances of the other ingredients. What do you detect? Perhaps honey, fruit, vanilla, mint?

REACH OUT AND TOUCH IT — If it’s solid chocolate, the surface should be silky smooth, never sugary or grainy.

SAVOR THE SOUND — A distinct snap and clean break are indicators of quality chocolate.

RELISH THE FLAVOR — Allow a bit of chocolate to melt on your tongue, then press it firmly to the roof of your mouth. Allow it to flood your mouth with flavor that engages all your senses.

REACH FOR MORE — No further instructions necessary . . .

Dictionary Bites:

TOFFEE: Toffee can be either crispy-hard, or soft, sticky and chewy, but this candy is always made by boiling sugar with butter. Other ingredients (such as nuts or hard candy pieces) or flavorings (like mint or fruit pectin) are often added.

COTTON CANDY: Also called “candy floss,” sugar is formed into a light mass of cotton-like threads by submitting syrup to rapid centrifugal motion. It’s a sticky, sweet concoction little kids’ dreams are made of, and grown-ups quietly covet!

PRALINES: A confection of almonds or other nuts browned in boiling sugar. We’ve added sweet cream to create what every adult dreams of!

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