(Vintage 2015, Red) Country: France  Region: Le Midi (aka Languedoc-Roussillon)  Grape: Pinot Noir

Vin de Pays d’Oc wines come from a region that is one of the oldest wine areas in France, first planted by the Romans. For most of the 20th century, the region produced vast quan-tities of very common wine. With the creation of Vin de Pays in 1973, an appellation that encouraged the promotion of good regional wines from all parts of France, the area began to attract investment in both new vineyards and wineries. Today, it represents about three-quarters of all French Vin de Pays.

This elegant ruby red bottle from Scarlet of Paris is 100% Pinot Noir. You’re sure to appreciate the rich fruity bouquet of raspberry and cherry, with plum undertones, that carry through on the palate. The wine is smooth, silky and has just the right hint of “jammy” sweetness.

It is ready to enjoy right now. Serve at room temperature, or may be chilled slightly to about 60°F. It’s the perfect beverage to serve your circle of adult friends when offering foods such as deli meats, burgers, brats, sausages, pasta, poultry or pork chops.

Scarlet of Paris Pinot Noir:

PINOT NOIR GRAPES — One of the classics of the Champagne region of France, but its claim to greatest fame lies immediately south in Burgundy. In the right place, under ideal climatic conditions, it produces the most velvet-like smooth wines of any grape. This finicky fruit is difficult to grow, a real challenge to growers, but worth the effort. With flavor variations from cherries to strawberries, Pinot Noir grapes are light in color, rather low in tannin, with relatively high alcohol. A loner, it is rarely blended. Also grown in Australia, New Zealand and California.


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