Country: Italy  Region: Veneto  Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Seale Winery is located in Montecchio Maggiore, in the heart of Veneto, renowned for its ancient vine-growing traditions. The winery is a world class operation, boasting the most up-to-date technologies.

The Veneto Region, where viticulture has been flourishing for centuries, is one of the largest Italian wine   producing regions. The particular soil structure of these areas, which are beaten by cold winds coming from the north but also protected by high mountain ranges, together with its favorable setting in the sun, creates the optimal climate for vine-growing.

This decadent wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc planted in vineyards 300 meters above sea level. Vines are trained in the spur system, with the grapes picked at the end of September. Early morning harvesting retains varietal characteristics. The fruit is immediately soft pressed, followed by fermentation and storage, finished with bottling at the end of March.

Straw yellow with a delicate bouquet of floral and exotic fruity notes, this Sauvignon Blanc wine guarantees a well-balanced fruity taste on the palate with a pleasantly acidic finish. Enjoy it now. Serve chilled with light appetizers, soups, eggs, fish, white meat dishes and risotto.

Seale Sauvignon Blanc IGT:

SAUVIGNON BLANC GRAPES — A white with very distinctive dusty character, high in acidity with up-front aromas and flavors. A climate-driven chameleon, these wines may be fruity (melon, fig, passion fruit), or vegetative and grassy.  Mostly unoaked, the resulting wines are light to medium bodied and usually dry. Grown in France, Italy, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and California.

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