These days, more and more larger brewing companies are starting to take over the beer market and are beginning to slowly run smaller breweries out of business. However, there are just a few small brewing companies all over the world that are still going strong making their microbrew beer. Companies like Uinta, Moosehead, and Samuel Adams have all made their mark on the beer industry and have not showed any sign of slowing down, even if the competition has twice the resources and control over 90 percent of the beer market.

Based out of Utah, the Uinta brewing company has been brewing world class, full-flavored, microbrew beer since 1993. Ever since its inception into the beer market, this brewery has done nothing but expand. Although the whole company started in a renovated mechanic’s garage, it has since expanded into a 26,000 square foot facility specifically designed for brewing only the best beer. The interesting fact about the Uinta brewery is that its entire facility is run 100 percent by wind power, making it the first Utah business to accomplish this feat.

Like the Uinta brewery, the Moosehead brewery located in Saint John, New Brunswick, has been an independent brewery since its inception in 1867. Ever since its beginning, this microbrew beer company has been run and controlled by the Oland family, now in its sixth generation of ownership under Derek Oland. Showing that the company still has what it takes to compete with the best, the Mooshead brewery earned a Gold award at the World Beer Cup in 2003, and another at the prestigious Monde Selection.

Probably one of the most highly known microbrew beer companies around the world is the Samuel Adams brewery based in Boston, Massachusetts. Ever since its beginning in 1984, this American-made brewery has done nothing but expand and brew only the best beers everyone can enjoy. While only taking up only 0.9 percent of the American beer market, Samuel Adams seems like they are at the top of the list in terms of all of the consumers who have chosen Samuel Adams as their beer.

With all of the support behind these microbrew beer companies, there is no telling how far these small, independent breweries will go. Only one thing is for sure; these breweries are not going anywhere, no matter how big the competition gets.

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