Cheese is sometimes maligned by nutritionists, but some varieties offer surprisingly healthy nutrition! 

Swiss cheese has just 53 mg of sodium per ounce, the least of all the hard and semi-soft cheeses. So if it’s necessary to keep your salt intake to a minimum, Swiss is the one to reach for. Neufchâtel, which is very similar to cream cheese but containing only about 60% of the fat, is your next best low-sodium choice, coming in at 95 mg per ounce.

Good for you if you are a fan of Parmesan, one cheese that delivers big taste in a relatively small serving size. Its other claim to fame is that it offers the most calcium per ounce than any other cheese, a whopping 336 mg. (about a third of your daily needs) in a quarter-cup serving.

Blue cheeses (Gorgonzola, Stilton and Roquefort to name a few) have compounds that may offer protection against heart disease, in spite of their high-fat content. Further, research now lends proof that eating full-fat dairy does NOT raise your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes or obesity. Why?  Hats off to the extra fatty acids contained in dairy products!

Have issues digesting dairy? Brie, made from goat’s milk, has just 90 calories per ounce, and is easier for most people to digest.

Cheddar is the cheese of choice for legions of people, and many may not even realize the benefits cheddar offers. In a recent issue of General Dentistry it was announced that researchers found that cheddar may help prevent cavities by raising the pH levels in our mouths. Lactose intolerant? Because cheddar (among other aged cheeses) is lower in lactose, it very well may NOT aggravate your system!

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Pizza Selections . . . Please see individual pizza labels for how to bake the perfect CHICAGO DEEP DISH PAN CRUST PIZZA.

It’s a Trifecta! All three selections are made with your favorite Pizza of the Month Club’s signature tomato sauce loaded with onions, garlic, spices, Romano, oils and Chablis, and each spotlights a different cheese.

#1  MEATBALLS GOURMET PIZZA- This sturdy deep dish pan crust pizza is loaded with sliced meatballs made with spiced ground beef, snuggled under a blanket of Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses.

#2  SWEET SHRIMP GOURMET PIZZA- For seafood lovers with a sweet tooth, this one is a crowd favorite! Expect lots of fresh shrimp and sweet pineapple chunks, offset with handfuls of sharp Cheddar cheese.

#3  VEGILICIOUS GOURMET PIZZA- Not your run-of-the-mill veggie pizza, this one is a favorite of the older kids! It’s made with breaded and baked eggplant, fresh sliced zucchini and Feta cheese.

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