This month we are so proud to ship the wonderful Super Fine Bouquet to our members. The collection features some of the finest and most unique elements that come from the exotic tropical rain forests of the world. These were grown especially for you on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

The bouquet contains a stunning flower from the Heliconia family, the Tropic Fleur, a native of Central and South America. We have included an elegant stem of Red Ginger to add in the lush red color. This Alpinia Purpurata is native to and continues to be grown on the lush tropical islands of the South Pacific.

The serenely exotic beauty of the Dendrobium Orchids contrasts with the colors of the other flowers in this collection. Dendrobium encompasses
a huge genus of orchids whose origins trace back to the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. This particular cultivar was created especially
for the Hawaiian export market by the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
The various colors of the assortment of Anthurium Andreanum finishes your arrangement with dazzling colors. With historic roots in Central and
South America, it was commercially adapted by immigrants to Hawaii.

Lastly, we have added one stem of the elegant Phoenix Palm, as well as Song of India foliage as the perfect backdrop. This Super Fine Bouquet from Hawaii never ceases to impress.

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