Whether you smoke a cigar every so often to celebrate an important occasion or you smoke cigars regularly, it is always important that you buy a quality product. However, how can you tell that you have purchased a quality cigar? Let’s take a look at some factors that separate the contenders from the pretenders.

How Fresh Is the Cigar?

You never want to smoke a cigar more than 24 hours after it has left a humidor. This is because the cigar will become dry and brittle. If you buy a pack of cigars, you want to take a look at each cigar in the pack to ensure that they are all fresh. To determine the freshness of a cigar, you can gently squeeze the middle of it. If it is fresh, it will slightly tender to the touch.

Is the Cigar Filled Properly?

If a cigar is not filled with tobacco to optimal capacity, it may cause an uneven burning of the cigar as well as a harsh taste. Cigars that are overfilled are going to be hard to draw and therefore may be impossible to smoke. A cigar that is filled properly will allow for an even burn, optimal aroma and taste of the tobacco and a product that you can puff on without feeling rushed.

Has the Tobacco Been Properly Stored?

The tobacco that is used inside of a cigar needs to be stored properly to ensure that each cigar tastes the same. Ideally, the tobacco leaves will undergo a process called sweating, or a controlled fermentation process that will help age the leaf and help it to produce the optimal aroma and taste when smoked.

The Length of the Cigar May Determine Its Taste

While this may be a subjective factor, the length and ring size of a cigar could impact its taste. Generally, a cigar with a ring size of 50 or higher will create more smoke than a cigar with a ring size of 30. Therefore, smokers who don’t like a lot of smoke may wish to go with something a little thinner. When it comes to length, cigar smokers may be able to tell the difference in taste between a cigar that is three inches long compared to one that is seven or more inches long.

Does Price Matter?

Believe it or not, a high price point doesn’t mean that you are about to purchase quality cigars. The only good way to determine if a cigar is properly made is to try several from the same brand to see how they taste. It may be possible based on the individual smoking habits and preferences of a smoker that a cheaper brand may be preferred over a more expensive brand.

A well-constructed cigar tends to be indicative of a high-quality cigar. However, the only way to really know if you can trust a particular cigar is to look at it, feel it and then smoke it to taste for yourself.

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