If you truly love smoking a good cigar, there’s nothing better than lighting up and taking a good puff. However, there are some cigars on today’s market that make you want to do anything but that. They’re supposed to be a delight to one’s senses, a great way to puff away the stress of your day. But, in the case of many of the ones we have listed below, we hope none of you will have the misfortune of purchasing and smoking them at any point in time.

Barrington House Jamaican

If you want a bad-tasting smoke, you’ve got the right one in your mouth if it’s a Barrington House Jamaican. When we smoked these, their cigar flavor reminded us of sweat or something very close to it, whatever that may be. They had a very salty taste, and combine that with tasting and smelling like sweat, and you have anything but a winning combination. We gave it our best shot but could not bring ourselves to finish even one of them. If you can manage to do so, you’re a glutton for punishment.

General Brisco

While a little better than Barrington House, that’s not saying much. However, we can say they don’t taste like sweat, which is good. The problem with these, though, is they seem to have no taste whatsoever. If you just like puffing away with no taste or aroma, this is the one for you. But if you’re like us, you like smoking to be a pleasant experience that leaves you longing for more. It appears to us that General Brisco tried to make cigars that are very simple, and it was a success. Yet, we think ones with a bit more complexity would be much better.

Stimulus Cigars

No, these are not part of the federal government’s stimulus package, but it may have been better if they were. If one thing is for sure, you will not be stimulated in any good way when you smoke a Stimulus. According to the company, they will “spark spirited conversation” among those who smoke them. While that may be true, we doubt the conversation will include many kind words about Stimulus. Between the bitter taste and smell, there’s nothing stimulating about this cigar.

Shorty Nub

Well, where do we begin? Bad taste, bad smell and bad texture will tell you all you need to know. We came close to washing our mouths out with soap after trying these but stopped short of doing so. However, after smoking one of these, you may decide to grab the soap and fill your mouth with suds. In our opinion, the suds would taste far better than any of these cigars ever will.

So, now that we’ve taken one for the team and tried these smokes, you can go shopping and without hesitation pass up any of the above-mentioned brands. That is, unless you enjoy bad tastes and smells.

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