Fine Traveling Companions

Across country or across town, you must provide adequate protection for your smokes if they are to arrive intact. The best travel cases are constructed of little more than metal, wood, leather and thread, and are intended to be as refined (yet simple) as the smokes they are destined to protect. Choose one that easily fits the style of cigar you normally smoke, and fits comfortably in your pocket. Telescoping ones extend to accommodate longer smokes. It’s usually good to avoid fingered cases constructed to hold specific ring gauges.

What “Color” is Your Cigar?

“Color” is the shade of the outer wrapper leaf. Most cigar experts agree there are 6 universally-accepted shades, each with individual flavor traits: Claro-Claro: Light green, heat-cured to lock in the color; slightly sweet Claro: Light tan; prized for its neutral flavor Colorado: Brown to reddish-brown; rich flavor Natural: Light to medium brown; usually sun-grown; mildly flavored Maduro: Extra ripening time produces a rich, dark- brown color, silky with oils; sweetly strong Oscuro: The darkest, nearly black; sturdy taste

Good Etiquette; Good Sense

If you notice your cigar is emitting smoke, perhaps offending others, please do NOT grind it out in the ashtray. Doing so will release MORE odors into the air. It’s best to let it self-extinguish, which happens rapidly, when left alone. Do NOT light a friend’s cigar. Rather, offer him or her the use of your lighter. It’s quicker and easier to light one’s own cigar. And never, ever, light one cigar using another cigar as a lighter.

This month’s featured origins for the Monthly Cigar Club include the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

  • SN# 31226: MONTECRISTO CLASSIC ROBUSTO 20 / $175.00 Nationality: Dominican Appearance: MILD bodied, 5.0; 52 ring; Wrapped in a classic Connecticut shade wrapper Personality: A superior mix of tobaccos makes for a mild, smooth, well-balanced smoke with wood, earth, crisp spices.
  • SN# 31227: GURKHA WARLORD SUPER TORO 20 / $150.00 Nationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: FULL bodied, 6.75; 60 ring; Carefully wrapped in oily, leathery Nicaraguan leaves Personality: A big girl with a complex personality, she is not only de-lish, but delivers balanced flavor, body and rich flavors.
  • SN# 31228: TRINIDAD HABANA RESERVE NO. 5 20 / $70.00 Nationality: Honduran Appearance: FULL bodied, 4.25; 44 ring; Cloaked in a simmering Cuban-seed Ecuadorian wrap Personality: This tiny one is dark, thick, chewy and bold. No. 5 delivers a good kick full of bold pepper and spice.
  • SN# 31229: CU-AVANA INTENSUS HAMMERHEAD 20 / $70.00 Nationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: FULL bodied, 6.0; 56 ring; With a dark, redolent Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper Personality: Flavors evolve throughout the slow burn, becoming increasingly intense. Bubbling with flavor, a great finish.
  • SN# 31230: BOHEMIAN BAMBOO NORTH BEACH 20 / $50.00 Nationality: Dominican Appearance: MILD-MEDIUM bodied, 5.5; 54 ring; Cuddled in a super-smooth CT Shade wrapper Personality: Aesthetically beautiful, you’re in for a rich flavoful smoke that’s smooth, creamy, full of cedar, pepper & coffee.
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