Did you know that not all tobacco is used for smoking, chewing or as snuff? This complex plant wears many hats!

Tobacco plants are key in some genetical and botanical research. Because they are fast growing with several “generations” produced each year, they provide research opportunities to compare generational changes.

Nicotine extract from the tobacco plant is used in, believe it or not, the making of perfumes and fragrant room atomizers. (Your favorite Cigar of the Month Club thought you’d want to know . . .)

Want to fatten your pig for market? Feed the little beasty nicotine each day, and he will fatten up nicely! (No kidding!)

Lastly, if you want to brighten up your flower bed, plant Petunias. And don’t forget to plant potatoes and tomatoes in your garden. All three of these plants are family members of Solanacees and the genus of Nicotiana – relatives of tobacco!


When Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World, he found the natives smoking tobacco. He tried it. He liked it. He took a few plants back to Europe with him, introducing both tobacco and its uses to Europe. At the time of his lesser known “discovery,” American natives had already been using the tobacco plant for at least two thousand years . . .

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Cigar Selections . .

PLATINUM SCEPTER GRAND MASTER Nationality: Dominican   Appearance: MILD-MEDIUM bodied, 5.5; 52 ring; In a “come hither” Connecticut-Ecuador wrap.

Personality: A handsome cigar, obviously rich and flavorful with complex, varied and delicious tastes plus a wildly intense aroma. Bold and assertive, she retains a mellow smoothness and refined elegance. Packed with flavor from 4+ year-old aged tobaccos.

GURKHA GENGHIS KHAN CHURCHILL Nationality: Honduran  Appearance:  MEDIUM bodied, 7.5; 52 ring; Gorgeous in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

Personality: Unique in appearance and craftsmanship, she delivers rich, slightly sweet flavors and a spicy, super-slow burn.

TORANO VAULT A-008 TORO – Nationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: FULL bodied, 6.0; 50 ring; Draped in a dark, oily, Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper

Personality: Charlie Torano’s secret sauce (a touch of tobacco from Nicaragua’s rich, volcanic Ometepe region) boosts this cigar’s flavor profile to the top of the chart. This smoking sensation is a full-flavored

CAO L’ANNIVERSAIRE MADURO ROBUSTONationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 5.0; 50 ring; With a delightful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper

Personality: This girl got the attention of the experts, regularly scoring in the high 90’s, and was chosen the 8th best cigar in the world by Cigar Aficionado’s Insider. This all-maduro is hand-rolled, exquisitely constructed, perfectly presented.

INDIAN TABAC COROJO TOMAHAWKNationality: Nicaraguan  Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 6.0; 52 ring; Dressed in a superb Corojo wrapper

Personality: Rich and spicy, this multi-cultural lady is complex, backed by a deep meaty core with notes of toast, oak, leather.

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