DON’T JUDGE A CIGAR BY ITS COVER! Each cigar offers a unique taste. And while the wrapper contributes, it does not really determine the flavor. What is generally accepted is that if the wrapper is dark, you can expect a sweet smoke. A cigar draped in a lighter-colored wrap will deliver a “drier” taste.

BODY TYPE DOESN’T DICTATE QUALITY: Whether a cigar is mild, medium, full bodied or in-between, that designation has nothing to do with quality. It’s merely a descriptor to aid smokers in choosing a smoke that matches his or her expectations. Novice smokers are more apt to enjoy a mild-bodied cigar, while someone who is well-practiced might be bored by a “gentle” smoke, but intrigued by one that’s full-bodied, having a more pronounced personality.

WHAT FLAVOR IS YOUR CIGAR? The adjectives most used when describing not only cigar flavor, but texture, too, include: aged, burnt, cedar, chestnut, chewy, cocoa, creamy, earthy, fruity, green, harsh, leathery, nutty, oak, peppery (black or red), roasted, sweet, spicy, and woody.

TALKING THE TALK: Cigar enthusiasts use a vocabulary similar to that used by beer, brandy, tea, coffee, whiskey and wine-tasters when trying to describe the overtones and undertones they detect.

WHAT AFFECTS THE AROMA OF A CIGAR? Many different things contribute, including the type of tobacco, quality of the cigar, the production method (hand-made vs. machine-made), aging, humidity, freshness, and of course, added flavors.

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Cigar Selections . . . Featured Countries of Origin from your Favorite Cigar of the Month Club: THE COUNTRIES of NICARAGUA and HONDURAS

1)  NICARAO CLASSICO PIRAMIDE  Nationality: Nicaraguan   Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 6.0; 52 ring; Dressed in a leathery Rosado Claro Habano wrapper.  Personality: Carefully crafted from elements from the fertile region of Jalapa, her billows of white clouds complement a well-balanced array of wood, leather and spices — before a toasty tobacco core rounds out her profile. Absolutely scrumptious.

2) PADILLA ARTEMIS TORONationality: Honduran Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 6.0; 54 ring; Wrapped in Nicaraguan Cuban-seed Habano leaves.  Personality: Smooth and Cuban-esque, she’s a stout blend of all Nicaraguan tobaccos. Fire her up and you’ll be greeted by a host of flavors including notes of cedar and earth, with a sweet peppery finish that won’t disappoint.

3) CAO BRAZILIA GOLNationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: FULL bodied, 5.0; 56 ring; Sheathed in a stunning, rich Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper Personality: This beautiful lady will be a powerhouse addition to your humidor. Her full flavored aroma carries a long and spicy finish. You’ll have a hard time disengaging from this unforgettable cigar.

4) PERDOMO FRESCONationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MILD-MEDIUM bodied, 7.0; 50 ring; Beautiful, bundled in a Connecticut wrapper Personality: This bigger than life smoke is a true delight. She offers you a tame, aromatic smoke with notes of cream, cedar and vanilla. She’s at her best with a nice cup of espresso. Say “Good Morning” to your perfect morning cigar.

5) ALEC BRADLEY BLACK MARKET – Nationality: Nicaraguan  Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 6.0; 60 ring; Graced by a powerful Nicaraguan wrapper leaf.  Personality: This dynamo is jam-packed with a four-country blend of long-fillers, capped off by a lively Sumatra binder. Unique and satisfying, flavors of spice, pepper and peaty undertones greet your palate. A slow burn, she finishes long and dry.

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