Uinta Brewery embarked on its mission of brewing world class, full-flavored craft-brewed beer in the winter of 1993. From a small, renovated mechanic’s garage in Salt Lake City, they began distributing a tasty variety of beer to local establishments. Demand escalated, resulting in the installation of a bottling line in 1996. In 2001, having outgrown its original building, Uinta built and relocated to a 26,000 sq. ft. facility specifically designed for brewing.

Named after an east-west mountain range located in northeastern Utah, many of Uinta’s beer names reflect Utah’s landscapes or have historical significance. Cutthroat Pale Ale is named after Utah’s state fish. King’s Peak Porter pays tribute to Utah’s highest peak.
The Crooked Line was launched in 2010, offering “big beers,” both in taste, content, and bottle size. These beers are packaged in 750ml bottles and are cork finished, meant to be shared like wine. Uinta has its own style and a unique way of looking at things, and this is reflected in the packaging showcasing the talents of local artists, and their custom-designed embossed “compass bottle”. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the on-site Little Big Beer Store, was opened. Today, they have organized three well defined beer lines: The Classic Line, Organic Line and the Crooked Line.

Clubs of America is proud to be associated with Uinta Brewery, which became 100% wind powered in 2001. They recycle, use natural lighting whenever possible, donate spent grain to feed local cattle, and the list goes on. Uinta has received many awards and medals from the North American Beer Awards, World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festivals, etc.

Bristlecone Brown Ale is malty, smooth bodied, clean and well-rounded at the finish. Gold Medal winner at the GABF.

HooDoo Kolsch Ale is a crisp kolsch-style, golden in color, exhibiting refreshing hop character. Immediately refreshing, a bit bitter.

Featured Beer from Uinta Brewery:
Bristlecone Brown Ale & HooDoo Kolsch Style Ale

BROWN ALE — Uinta’s Bristlecone Brown Ale: Like the classic English nut brown style, this one pairs well with duck, roast pork, grilled salmon and smoked sausage. Its malty, firm, nutty dryness and gentle fruitiness pairs well with nutty desserts, and pears. (Named in honor of the Bristlecone Pine, the same type of tree as the 4,765 year-old Methuselah, the oldest living inhabitant of North America.)
KOLSCH ALE — Uinta’s HooDoo Kolsch Ale: Another top fermented ale, this one is golden with refreshing hop character. It finishes dry, with a slight bitterness. HooDoo pairs well with sauteed shrimp, fresh fish with lemon, smoked salmon, grilled chicken, and bratwurst hot off the grill. (HooDoo is a tall spire of rock, up to 10 stories tall.)

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