Ales to Welcome Spring

Springtime ailes (ales) are usually light in both color and texture. They help you experience the upbeat feelings that Spring creates as the weather warms, our bodies become more energetic and vigorous, and more exciting outdoor activities are possible.

Maibock or May Bock This is brewed specifically in Germany for the month of May, which explains the name, and is served at Spring festivals throughout Germany. A similar Hellesbock is brewed during the rest of the year in Bavaria and Munich from almost an identical recipe. Maibock is wide-bodied, light-colored and has a refreshing lager snap.

Saison Lent is associated with Spring, so celebrate with a Lent Bier. In Belgium, this is released specifically for the Spring season, and it has a citrus zing and a “grassy essence” like a freshly grown lawn. Saison is a unique combination of herbs and spices, which makes it an earthy and floral selection that’s perfect for consumption in warmer weather.

Rauchbier This smoky, oak-aged German brew is also available during Lent and most of the Spring in anticipation of warmer weather. Stout Ireland’s black ale has a very specific and important place in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, even though it was not invented until about 1,000 years after Saint Patrick died.

Kolsch The refreshing, Spring-style Kolsch has been created in German breweries for centuries. Light in hue and body, it has a mildly fruity flavor with a bit of tang. Actually available year-round, somehow, it seems to taste better in warm weather!

Fruit Beers Many breweries release seasonal fruit beers, and their arrival is as welcome as springtime flowers. Flavors range from peach, to raspberry, to mango. Remember that the fresher, the better, so if possible, choose one that was brewed nearby or is fresh at your local pub.

Pale Ales A blonde ale is also a Belgian Pale Ale. It is sweet, light, refreshing, and has with hints of lemon zest and honey.

An American Pale Ale from a new brewery in New Jersey is low in alcohol brew with mild pine flavors and a bit of citrus zest.

An American-Style India Pale Ale is also low-alcohol and is made for easy drinking so that you can enjoy several without getting “zonkered.” A variety of hops and malts results in a citrus and pine flavor combination.

Sour Ale Popular during the Spring season, the brown ale is aged in Pinot Noir barrels with sour cherries. That lends a dark fruit tang along with a hint of oak.

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