A Canadian study a while back brought us great news, and further revelations bolster the Canadian findings . . .

We beer drinkers can reap the same health benefits from our favorite beverage as red wine drinkers do! Researchers at the University of Western Ontario found a drink of either beer or wine provided equal increases in plasma antioxidant activity.

Biochemist John Trevithick is quoted as saying, “We were very surprised [to find that] one drink of beer with natural ingredients contributed an equal amount of antioxidant benefit as does wine. Surprising, since red wine contains about twenty times the amount of polyphenols as beer.”

So where does the positive effect come from? The University of Western Ontario in London found that it is the barley that’s working in our favor! Interested in the specifics? Researchers and doctors say antioxidant activity prevents oxidation of the blood plasma, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

The report came with a warning, however, to drink in moderation. Most studies carry a caution, but this warning was unusually strongly worded. Trevithick said that the health benefit becomes a health liability if and when we drink three or more beers. At this point, the negative effects of alcohol cancel out the benefits of the antioxidant activity because the blood becomes pro-oxidant. Your favorite Beer of the Month Clubsays, “Drink Wisely!”

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