The cigar of your dreams should have all three of these major character traits. If “she” lacks any of them, perhaps she’s not the one for you!

The perfect smoke will have a sweet, pleasant personality — never hot or harsh. She needs a good filter, as her temperament comes mainly from that part of her.

You want a cigar with strength of character, with well-chosen binder tobacco to keep her from coming apart at the seams.

And at the risk of sounding shallow, how a cigar looks plays an important role. She needs to be well-built, with fine features. Focus on how she wears her wrap. And she should age gracefully, with her exterior elastic and flawless.


Ask three cigar smokers how long one should “age” a cigar before lighting, and you may get three different answers. It’s strictly a matter of individual taste. Some like fresher cigars, smoked within six months of rolling. Some prefer cigars that have aged five or six years. Some connoisseurs love long-in-the-tooth cigars of 40+ years. Cigars kept constantly at 70-72° with 70% humidity will evolve indefinitely.

Cigars (and your favorite Cigar of the Month Club!) offer something for every cigar smoker, novice or experienced.

Take a Close Look at this Month’s Cigar Selections . . . Featured Countries of Origin from your Favorite Cigar of the Month Club: NICARAGUA, HONDURAS & THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

1) HOYO EXCALIBUR 1066Nationality: Honduran   Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 5.25; 50 ring; Featuring a beautiful true Cameroon wrapper Personality: The top 10% of tobacco crops is reserved for the Excalibur line. This unique smoke has a hearty aroma, and finishes dry and spicy. She’s a  smooth one, complex, with tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

2) G.A.R. OPIUMNationality: Honduran Appearance: MEDIUM-FULL bodied, 6.0; 52 ring; in a red/brown oily Nicaraguan Habano Corojo hybrid. Personality: Smooth, yet assertive, this toothy boutique beauty comes packed with rich, savory tobaccos. Hugging her top secret proprietary blend of aged long fillers, you’ll be awestruck with hints of cedar, leather, spices, coffee and a dash of pepper.

3) CAO PILONNationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: MEDIUM bodied, 5.0; 52 ring; Sheathed in a beautiful Ecuadoran Habano wrapper Personality: Her beautiful cloak surrounds long leaves from Nicaragua, flaunting extreme flavor. Expect to be dazzled by nuances of spice, cedar, pepper, nuts and cocoa.

4) FALLEN ANGELNationality: Nicaraguan Appearance: FULL bodied, 7.0; 48 ring; In an incredibly rare 7th Cut Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper Personality: The 7th Cut is one of the last primings to be removed from the plant, packing incredible flavor and strength. You’ll be happy you gave in to this temptation, as rich, thick plums of smoke coat your palate with espresso, leather and pepper.

5) MONTECRISTO MEDIA NOCHENationality: Dominican  Appearance: FULL bodied, 7.0; 58 ring; She’s graced by a thick Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper Personality: Under the wrap resides a well-aged hand-selected beauty with a reputation to deliver intense bouquet and flavor. With a cedar core with hints of leather and toast, she’ll leave you with an afterglow of savory sweetness and spice.

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