First Prep Your Bouquet to Help the Blooms Last

Whether you are ordering a bouquet for delivery or creating your own bouquet from local flowers, it is helpful to consider the vase life of the various types of blossoms to be used. Before selecting special flowers, you may want to consider some of the techniques we use to ensure that our long-lasting bouquet choices provide maximum enjoyment to the recipient. It’s important to:

  •  Use a clean vase that is free of bacteria; vases can be cleaned with soap and warm water prior to use.
  • Remove excess leaves to limit the development of slime in the water.
  • Cut stems underwater to prevent the entry of air.
  • Immerse the freshly cut stems into warm water.

When your fresh bouquet arrives, it is also important to change the water frequently to avoid slimy conditions that will shorten the lifespan of your blossoms. A biocide may be helpful for limiting the growth of fungus and bacteria, and keeping your long-lasting bouquet away from direct sources of heat and drafts can increase the longevity of the arrangement.

Select Flowers for Your Long-Lasting Bouquet

You may be surprised that the rose, while one of the most popular bouquet choices, has a relatively short vase life. In ideal conditions, a rose may last up to 10 days. However, this is dependent on the size of the bloom, the extent to which it has blossomed when the bouquet is made and the care provided by the recipient. In some cases, roses will wither quickly, making it important for you to provide frequent water changes if there will be any delay in the delivery of the arrangement to your recipient.

Chrysanthemums can survive up to 30 days in a vase, making them one of the best choices for a bouquet meant to last weeks.

Carnations and orchids also provide a long vase life of up to 21 days when properly cared for. While chrysanthemums are among the most durable flowers, carnations provide a more delicate look in a bouquet, and orchids create an exotic effect.

Lilies, gladiolas and alstroemeria provide up to two weeks of vase life. Similarly, bird-of-paradise flowers and anthurium can last approximately two weeks once cut. These blooms are somewhat exotic in appearance and are excellent for a bouquet that will include bright colors. Lisianthus can last equally long in a bouquet but possesses a delicate appearance similar to that of a rose.

The right bouquet can make a wonderful impression on your recipient. At times, a homemade arrangement is priceless. However, a professional arrangement can be stunning when it arrives unexpectedly. Make sure that your bouquet’s beauty will last for more than just a few days by selecting long-lasting blooms and professional design services so that your gift can truly make a great impression.

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