Valentine’s Day is the number one time of year for chocolate purchases in the United States. While most chocolate is purchased by men for their wives or girlfriends, it’s not uncommon to see teachers buying treats for their students or parents buying chocolate for their kids. But why is chocolate the go-to gift for Valentine’s Day?

Everybody Loves Chocolate

In ancient Aztec society, the cocoa bean was considered a form of currency for its valuable properties. Today, very few people will turn down chocolate as a gift. It is sweet, tastes good and can be used as a comfort food when you are feeling stressed. Studies show that eating dark chocolate in moderation can be a way to improve your mood and even the health of your heart.

Chocolate Is Thought of as Decadent

People tend to like things that make them feel special. Chocolate has long been thought of as decadent and valuable. In Roman times, men gave women chocolate because it was thought to be the richest gift that a young man could bestow. In the 19th century, chocolate was mass-produced and marketed as the appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for modern times. Today, men and women might buy their significant others chocolate as throwback to a time when it was seen as a valuable commodity to present to others.

It Is Convenient to Purchase

Once a rare gift, now you can easily get chocolate from a variety of different sources. Retailers that specialize in chocolate can get you high-quality products imported from Switzerland, or you can visit the local grocery store to pick up a Hershey’s bar or bag of M&Ms. (We like our monthly chocolate club because it saves you a trip to the grocery store and you get something every month.) Even those without a lot of money can pick up a nice box of chocolates for their loved ones at any time of the year.

Chocolate Is Considered an Aphrodisiac

It was once thought that giving chocolate to someone would stir up romantic feelings toward the person giving the gift. Although it has not been scientifically proven that giving chocolate can make someone love you, the tradition of buying chocolate treats as a romantic gesture continues today.

There are many good reasons why people give each other chocolate for Valentines Day: Chocolate tastes great, is linked with romantic thoughts and is considered a thoughtful gift. Because everyone enjoys indulging in a sweet treat on a special day, it is likely that chocolate and Valentine’s Day will remain linked for generations to come.

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