Country: Australia Region: Langhorne Creek, South Australia Grape: Merlot

South Australia is located in the southern central part of the country, covering some of the most arid parts of the continent. It is the fourth largest of Australia’s states and territories. The state’s origins were unique as a freely-settled, planned British province. Official settlement began in December 1836. The aim was to establish the province as a center of civilization for free immigrants, promising civil liberties and religious tolerance. South Australia has a healthy Mediterranean climate with cool wet winters and hot dry summers. The average summer temperature is 29°C. The wine industry there benefits from a variety of terrain, character and climates. Langhorne Creek is one of the oldest and most significant wine regions. Named for Alfred Langhorne, a cattle driver during the 1840’s, the region totals approximately 6,500 hectares, the largest in the region. The name One Chain is the imperial measurement for 22 yards, or the length of a cricket pitch. Deep red, this wine is 100% Merlot grown on rich red loam with quartz and ironstone nuggets that lend structure and minerality to the wine. Great wine is made in the vineyard, so this wine is made using minimum human intervention. It is rich plum and damson fruit on the nose. Slightly oaked on the palate, the taste is dominated by rich red berries and subtle earth. It is elegant and silky, with a long finish. Enjoy it now, at room temperature in red wine goblets with lamb couscous or grilled lamb chops, Duck Confit or Asian style served in a plumb sauce.


Producing wines soft in fruit, grand in color, and rich in flavor, Merlot grapes are invaluable in fruity lusciousness and velvet quality. These grand reds create perfect “stand-alone” wines, yet blend well with other fruits. With generous density and layered flavors, Merlot grapes are key to wines that are wonderfully proportioned with the ideal touch of acid that keeps the flavor fresh and vibrant.


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