From California’s Napa Valley to the regions of southern France, wineries abound by the dozens. Ranging in size from small, family-operated facilities to immense corporations on expansive properties, there is no shortage of wineries around the world offering tours and sample tasting sessions. However, some facilities are especially worthy of a visit.

Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley, California, USA Overlooking the community of Calistoga, the facility stands in a nest of lush, mature trees and immaculate landscaping. The winery, housed within a white stucco building, more closely resembles a historic Mediterranean villa. In addition to welcoming guests to sample a delightful fruity vintage, the facility features a specially designed cable car that carries guests up the side of the hill to the final destination. From atop the formation, visitors are treated to commanding panoramic views over the beautiful Napa Valley.

Chateau Pichon Longueville in Bordeaux, France When looking for regal French elegance, guests are not disappointed by venturing to this location. Situated on a gorgeous and well-maintained property, the neoclassical chateau serves as a magnificently eye-catching feature that stands behind a man-made lake. The spectacular building houses the winery, famous for a popular red wine. Though a winery stood here since the 17th century, the current estate was constructed in 1851.

Bodegas Protos in Rioja, Spain On a list of unusual wineries, the location and architecture of this facility provide a unique display. The contemporary design of the modern structure includes five wooden and terra cotta arched roofs that extend to the ground to cover an immense open space housing an array of glass-encased steel equipment. A stone’s throw away from the massive concrete structure stands the historic 10th-century Penafiel Castle. The facility houses four distinct wineries that welcome guests from all over the world to sample popular wines.

SantoWines in Santorini, Greece This facility has gained notoriety worldwide not only for the sweet dessert wines produced here but also for the breathtaking location of the winery. Built into the side of a mountain cliff, the facility is five stories tall and takes advantage of gravity for performing all of the necessary processes. From the upper terrace of the building, guests look out over the sparkling Aegean sea while enjoying a sample of wine in the Oenotourism Centre. The facility, which has a history of wine-making that dates back to 3 B.C., also sells food products grown and manufactured on the property.

Peregrine Winery in Central Otago, New Zealand The Peregrine facility is a destination not to be missed. Surrounded by majestic, snow-capped mountains and nestled in a valley filled with vineyards, the facility itself features award-winning architecture. Designed to reflect the visual image of a soaring falcon, the translucent roof of the winery forms a swooping canopy that resembles a fully-extended wing. In addition to offering a striking appearance, the facility also remains environmentally conscious and uses various natural resources such as wind energy during the wine-making process. Besides creating a number of championship wines, the property also grows produce.

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