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Peak is a craft brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using local, artisan and organic ingredients. With roots in home brewing back in the ’90′s, brewer Jon Cadoux set about combining his love for beer with an ethic for sustainability. Whenever possible, he’d use organic ingredients from local farmers. It was a defining day when Jon discovered that he didn’t need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability – that better ingredients actually made good beer even more delicious.

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Pairing Your Beer Glass to Beer Styles

Most of us, when craving a beer, don’t give much thought to what glass to use. In many instances, anything from your favorite Beer of the Month Club tastes awesome right from the bottle! But when serving others, there really IS value in choosing the right glass. For instance, Hefeweizen in a shapely glass showcases the graduated hues in the beer, and the wider top supports and shows off the billowing foamy head.… read more