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Clubs of America | May 05, 2014

Around the world, a day of love and honor for mothers is commonly celebrated in the spring. In the United States, Mothers’ Day falls on the second Sunday in May, which in 2014 is May 11.

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Clubs of America | Apr 19, 2014

What could be more exotic than finding love in a steamy jungle? We can’t physically take you there, but we CAN offer you our newest tropical bouquet, the New Jungle Love Collection! THE NEW JUNG…

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Clubs of America | Mar 29, 2014

When spring is quickly approaching, many people are anxious to get outdoors in the warmer weather.

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Clubs of America | Mar 27, 2014

Easter lily history is a fascinating series of stories and facts about how the magnificent trumpet-shaped flower became a joyful symbol for Easter.

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Clubs of America | Mar 05, 2014

One of the great bouquets our Flower of the Month Club members receive is a beautiful “Hawaiian Sunrise Bouquet” full of tropical flowers.

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Clubs of America | Feb 10, 2014

Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world are also some of the most difficult to find. These exotic plants gained their popularity by being elusive and mysterious.

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Clubs of America | Feb 01, 2014

First Prep Your Bouquet to Help the Blooms Last Whether you are ordering a bouquet for delivery or creating your own bouquet from local flowers, it is helpful to consider the vase life of the various …

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Clubs of America | Jan 21, 2014

Why do you fill your vases with warm water? Warm water has less oxygen in it than cold water, making it easier for your flowers to drink.

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Clubs of America | Jan 09, 2014

Last month’s bouquet from our Flower Gift Club was the Kalapana Okika Bouquet.

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