This month’s selection of Full City Roast coffee comes from Nova, a privately owned washing station at 1482 meters above seal level, in the northern province of Rwanda.

The station was bought by the family of Felix Hitayezu after the cooperative struggled with management issues and financial hurdles in 2013. Since then, the washing station has been operating successfully, using a 3-disk pulper machine to process the coffee it gathers from the local area growers.

Every batch of coffee processed there begins its journey under the trained eyes of the Nova workers who sort the coffee cherries. Only the best are destined to find their way into the roasters. All cherries are dried naturally, spread on raised beds in the sun, and carefully turned for even drying. Recently, 300 tons of cherries was processed in one year, quite a feat for Hitayezu and his workers.

The coffee from Nova Washington Station is grown in volcanic soil, which supplies the necessities for creating a coffee that’s rich in the cup. There are nougat nuances with flavors of kiwi and apple. This is a complex coffee with a round, sweet body that you will be proud to share.


The BUMOCO (Burundi High Mountain Coffee) Society owns and operates the Nyamasaka and Nyagashiha washing stations where cherries are collected from more than 200 small farmholders. All of those farmholders are of the Burambi and Buyengero communes.

Both the Nyamasaka and Nyagashiha washing stations are located in the Burambi Commune, in the Bururi Province, at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. This Province is approximately 2 hours from Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

The cherries (all are of the Bourbon varietal) are harvested from April through June, and exported July through November. All are processed by the fully-washed method, and sun dried. This careful handling allows the coffee to shine in the cup, featuring pronounced acidity and an outstanding clean profile.

Fountain of Youth filled with Coffee?

ELIMINATE PUFFY EYES: Drink a cup of caffeinated coffee each morning. It can help constrict dark blood vessels, and rid your eyes of the fluids that cause puffiness, so says Gary Goldenberg, M.D., of Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine located in New York.

REJUVENATE AGING MUSCLES: Sports scientists at Britain’s Coventry University, in a study for the Society for Experimental Biology, suggest caffeine ramps up power in aging muscles. Two big advantages: stronger muscles reduce risks of falls and injuries, and helps those over fifty breath more easily by keeping the diaphragm, the muscle that inflates the lungs, in prime shape.

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