Coffee came to Costa Rica in the last decade of the eighteenth century. Over the ensuing years, coffee expanded over the highlands of the Central Valley. The development and trading of coffee deeply influenced both the cultural and socioeconomic landscape of the country.

Myriad coffee plant varieties, rich soils, high altitudes and unique growing regions contribute to a popular and sought-after cup profile. The interplay of these factors has allowed the country to achieve the reputation of producing some of the best coffee in Central America.

This type is the standard quality for SHB E/P Costa Rican coffees. It can be grown in various regions within the country at an altitude of more than 1350 meters above sea level. This is the ideal altitude for gourmet coffee.

SHB (Strictly Hard Bean and/or Strictly High Grown, a higher classification than HB) coffees exhibit unique qualities not found in the basic Hard Bean class. They deliver citrus acidity and a complex combination of fruit, almonds and smooth sweet chocolate notes. This coffee type represents the classic clean Central American cup.

The E/P stands for European Preparation, specifying that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove any defective beans and/or foreign material.

Your favorite Coffee of the Month Club proudly delivers to your door this example of the best from Costa Rica, as the label implies — Strictly Hard Bean, carefully sorted according to the rules for European Preparation. It is of the Caturrai and Catuai Arabica varieties, washed then machine dried. Soft citrus aromas will rise from your steaming cup. You’ll find the coffee medium bodied with lively winey acidity.

SHB Strictly Hard Bean


This Organic Kivu Special Prep coffee is grown and processed by the Soprocopiv Cooperative, located in the province of North Kivu, located in the northwestern section of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This coffee selection is then dry-milled in the village of Butembo.

The Soprocopiv Cooperative is dedicated to sourcing and processing coffees from different farms around the North Kivu region. The Coop was created in 2004 by a group of farmers who were motivated to improve their lives. Specifically they wanted improved education and healthcare services, and felt they could attain the much needed services through the production of specialty coffee.

Their focus on good processing techniques (supported by organic certification) have led to the development of better coffee that can be offered at a higher price level to the international market due to its superior quality.

In addition to the personal benefits the Coop members enjoy, they also have the economic benefit of a sustainable income. This enables them to reinvest and continue to improve their techniques in planting, growing and processing, ensuring consistent, high quality coffee production.

Your shipment is Bourbon coffee grown at altitudes of 5,000 or more feet above sea level. After harvesting from August through December, the beans were fully washed and patio sun dried. Exportation took place between the months of January and April.

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